Top 4 Window & Door Trends for 2022

In 2022, windows and doors offer functionality, style, and sustainability. They connect us to the outdoors, brighten our homes, and help enhance security. While one may consider several factors when choosing new windows, a few trends can be added to the list. Here are four window and door trends we love in 2022: 

1. Use Dark Colours 

The 2022 exterior colour trends extend to windows and doors. Black window frames and entry doors pair well with dark and moody exteriors and natural hues for a clean, modern look. While black remains popular, we expect to also see shades of dark grey, brown, and blue add emphasis and depth. To see how they may look on your home, use the Gentek Visualiser to view your house with trending colour palettes. 

2. Invest in Energy-Efficient Products

Energy-efficient windows and doors continue to be popular for homeowners in 2022. Look for the ENERGY STAR logo on certified windows and doors for excellent energy efficiency. Modern-day windows and doors can be dual or triple-glazed and have a low-e coating. These features will help keep your home comfortable year-round and reduce heating and cooling bills with thermal efficiency. The Canada Greener Homes Grant will reimburse homeowners up to $5,000 on qualifying windows and doors as an added incentive to make energy-saving home improvements. 

3. Add Natural Light & Outdoor Views

This year is all about getting closer to nature, which means bigger, bolder windows. Expansive windows will provide ample light and access to outdoor views to tick all the boxes. The same applies to oversized patio doors and entry doors with sidelights.

4. Choose Sustainable Design

In 2022, homeowners will favour sustainable building materials and incorporate recyclable elements into home design such as vinyl windows, which incorporate fusion-welded frames and sashes for greater strength and protection against air and water infiltration. Steel is another recyclable and reusable material worth considering for doors.