Gentek Visualizer

The visualizer tool allows you to make your dreams a reality and design your next home renovation. Using our innovative software you can easily see your house with our Siding, Window and Door products.

Dream. Design. Build.

Make your dream home come to life. By simply uploading a photo of your home, you can start to customize all of its design features, add new siding, update your front door, and check out new windows. The visualizer allows you to see all siding profiles, trim options and even lets you pick from a variety of colors!

Get Started

View My Own Home

Upload a photo of your home & create a new design using our simple tools to outline your home or let our team do the work for you. Visualize our products and colours to find the perfect combination for your new home design.
You can even use Google Maps' Streetview to help you get a photo of your home!


Having a problem choosing your colours? Not a problem, you can chose from our library of colour palettes to help you create the home of your dreams!

Design Services

Don’t have time to do this yourself, or don’t want to learn new software? Take advantage of our Design Services to do the work for you. For a fee, we can do the setup work for you and even send you design options. Let us do the work for you!