Open Up Your Home With a New Oversize Patio Door

A new oversize patio door can make a huge impact for both the exterior and interior of your home. Replacing your patio doors with a larger model will open up your home, creating a bright, peaceful atmosphere inside. On top of that, a large patio door will enhance your home’s appearance, making a beautiful statement both inside and out. As a feature that will undeniably increase the value of your home, a new oversize patio door is worth the investment! 

Why You Should Upgrade to an Oversize Patio Door

There are a few reasons you should make the switch to an oversize patio door. For one thing, it will offer a stronger connection to the outdoors, letting more light into your home and allowing more airflow when the doors are open. Oversize doors let in much more air than typical patio doors, so you can enjoy a nice breeze and clean, fresh air! 

An oversize patio door is also ideal from a design perspective. They look stunning, increasing the visual impact of your home and also offer an expansive view, bringing a dose of nature inside. An oversize patio door extends your living area outside, seamlessly blending your interior and exterior spaces. 

How to Choose a Patio Door Model

Finding the right patio door for you will depend on your personal style and wants. Gentek is a proud supplier of Novatech patio doors, of which there are two gorgeous aluminum models: Loft and Urbania. They both offer clean lines and a minimalist design, in line with today’s home design trends. They’re durable enough to support an oversize window panel with a more subtle frame, and the fact that they’re made from aluminum means they’ll maintain their shine and colour for years to come!

Both of these models are available with custom options, allowing you to choose your preferred opening and size. You can also choose an asymmetrical configuration with a smaller operating panel. Choose from different frames and handle colours, frame thickness, accessories and more! With all these options, your new oversize patio door will suit your home design and tastes!

Novatech Loft Patio Door

The Loft model is a beautiful way to extend your living space to the outdoors. The large panels are safe, easy and simple to move, for superior performance that can’t be easily matched. The clean, simple design of the loft doors are ideal for any style of home, plus they offer a panoramic view of the outdoors, bringing the feel of nature inside. Energy efficient and resistant to heat, cold and corrosion, Loft doors are the best Novatech has to offer. 

Novatech Urbania Patio Door

The Urbanian model stands apart due to its unrivaled energy performance. Characterized by clean simple lines and a large glass surface, it ensures comfort and energy efficiency, as well as sturdiness due to its aluminum frame. Enjoy your living space to the fullest with a patio door that gives you full access to the outdoors. 

Want to open up your home? Start with switching out your patio door with a beautiful, oversize patio door!