5 Exterior Home Trends On Their Way Out

Looking for ways to increase your curb appeal? Consider current exterior home trends, and avoid those that might make your home look dated. Since first impressions are everything, we’ve put together a list of home exterior design trends that are losing favor with homeowners. Keep reading to find out what to avoid or update.

1. Slim House Columns 

Slim columns under a front entrance awning are quickly on their way out. Replacing the style are large square columns, typically wood, that create a more lavish, modern look. Updating your columns can impact curb appeal and potentially add value if you’re looking to sell. You can either invest in solid wood pillars or save money by participating in some DIY tricks. Using long wood panels, box in existing posts to create the look of solid wood. Paint or stain the wood, and consider adding Versetta Stone® around the bottom third of the pillar to enhance visual appeal.   

2. Roof Shingles with Dimension

In the ’70s, manufacturers developed dimensional roof shingles to appease homeowners who desired a roofing material that looked like cedar shingles but performed like asphalt. These types of dimensional shingles are now used less often, particularly on homes more complex in style. If you have a brick or stone home exterior, dimensional shingles can clash with the cladding. However, if you have solid colour siding, dimensional roof shingles can add an extra element of interest. 

3. Too Many Colours 

These days, less is more when it comes to exterior colour schemes. Choose an inviting exterior colour palette for siding, windows and soffit (or accent siding), incorporating either a monochromatic or dramatic colour palette. Further, while grey is a popular neutral colour, it’s on the way out in 2022. Turn your existing grey siding from drab to fab with subtle pops of colour and a bright front door.  

4. Glass Blocks 

In the early 1900s, homeowners used glass blocks in entranceways and ensuites to let the light shine in without compromising privacy. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, many would argue that glass blocks look outdated and are best left in the past. It’s now more popular to incorporate stunning glass designs or install a skylight to achieve the same effect. 

5. Brass Fixtures 

Updating your front entrance with new door hardware is an easy update that can increase your curb appeal tenfold. Brass fixtures have been trending since the ‘80s, but in 2022, it makes a comeback with more tone-downed finishes such as soft-brushed, antique or satin brass gold. 

These newer brass fixtures offer a clean, modern look that wows when paired with deep, rich colors like navy, dark grey or even black. Alternatively, create a softer look by pairing a modern brass fixture with a lighter grey or even white. Tie the entrance way together with brass accents on your porch or front step, and cary the look into your front hall with frames that match the door fixtures.