3 Inviting Home Exterior Colour Palettes to Create a Picture-Perfect Home

Our Gentek Colour Experts have carefully created three stunning colour palettes that are sure to inspire a picture-perfect home exterior. Presented in monochromatic and dramatic schemes, these take into account windows, siding and soffit options based on the latest exterior design trends. 

Browse the exterior colour palettes below then use our online Gentek Visualizer tool to see these beautiful colour combinations come to life on your home. 

Monochromatic Vs. Dramatic

A monochromatic colour scheme uses colours from the same family and tonal value, resulting in a subtle difference among elements. The effect takes the primary colour, then adds white, grey or black to create different shades. For example, window frames, siding and doors might carry similar tones throughout the home’s exterior but are, in fact, different shades.  

Alternatively, a dramatic colour scheme creates bold contrast among a variety of colours. The colours typically come from different families and tonal values, creating a stunning effect. Often black or white are used to accent and separate bold colours, but complementary colours can be used side-by-side if sufficient differentiation exists between the shades. 

Explore our monochromatic and dramatic colour palettes below for three home styles: suburban traditional, modern chic and farmhouse country.

1. Suburban Traditional 

Our monochromatic suburban traditional colour palette combines three soft, warm earthy tones that beautifully complement one another. These subtle differences create an effortless style—perfect for a traditional suburban setting. 

Mix Nordic White windows with our dark Marine Dusk siding for a dramatic effect, and accentuate with Linen coloured soffit. For a splash of colour, mix things up with a bright front door painted aqua or teal.

Suburban colours for home exterior2. Modern Chic 

Make your property stand out from the crowd with our dark and sophisticated modern chic exterior colour palettes. Pair black windows with black soffit and Windswept Smoke siding for a monochromatic effect. 

Alternatively, create dramatic impact with silver windows, Iron Ore siding and our Pearl soffit.

Both palettes will pop against the lush green foliage and colourful flower arrangements of your landscaping. Add detail to your entrance with white or black porch lights.

Modern chic colours for home exteriors3. Farmhouse Country 

Our farmhouse country colour palettes pay tribute to farmhouse style, a trend we can’t get enough of. Make your black windows the focal point for an eye-catching contrast against Snow White siding and soffit.

For a warm colour palette, pair our Canyon Clay windows with Majestic Brick siding and Monterey Sand soffit. We’re dreaming of classic white shiplap, farmhouse style sliding doors and white-wash timber furniture on the interior.

Farmhouse colours for home exteriors