4 Common Myths About Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has earned its reputation as a sustainable, low-maintenance, attractive, and affordable cladding product. Despite the many reasons to choose vinyl siding for your home, it has had its share of misconceptions. It’s time to debunk some common vinyl siding myths and help homeowners understand why vinyl is worth the hype

Myth 1: Vinyl Siding is Not Sustainable 

Vinyl siding has 79% less impact on the environment than fibre cement and 85% less impact than brick and mortar. At the end of its lifecycle, homeowners can recycle their vinyl siding at designated recycling facilities. Manufacturers can then use vinyl siding scraps to create new products, including vinyl windows, piping, decking, patio furniture and more. 

Myth 2: Vinyl Siding is Low-quality 

Vinyl siding is considered an affordable cladding product, which may cause homeowners to misinterpret low cost as low quality. Although flexible and lightweight, vinyl siding is extremely durable and can last 20-40 years with minimal maintenance. Gentek’s Sequoia Select® can withstand winds up to 407 km/hr. 

Myth 3: Vinyl Siding Looks Cheap

Modern-day vinyl siding can increase curb appeal with vibrant solid colour and realistic woodgrain finishes. Vinyl siding is designed to not chip or peel, providing your home with long-lasting colour for years to come. 

Myth 4: Vinyl Siding Warps and Buckles 

When installed by a qualified professional, vinyl siding is designed to avoid warping or buckling. Instead, vinyl siding naturally expands and contracts with seasonal changes. 

Vinyl siding is a worthwhile investment, recovering 82% of costs in 2022. Discover Gentek’s full line of vinyl siding products and use the Gentek Visualizer to design your home exterior today.