How to Use the Gentek Visualizer to Design Your Home’s Exterior

Take the guesswork out of planning and designing your exterior renovation or remodel with our visualization tool. The Gentek Visualizer can help you make informed decisions, minimize stress and ensure greater confidence in your siding, window and door combination, colour and style choices before going through with the purchase.


“[The Gentek Visualizer] enabled me to actually see how the different siding colours looked like on our house. It took all the guesswork out of our renovation and made the project less stressful. Now, instead of worrying and wondering how the outside will look, we are excited to see it completed. Thank you so much.” – Sandra

What is the Gentek Visualizer?

The Gentek Visualizer is a free, easy-to-use online tool that lets you view Gentek building products on your home. Simply create an account, upload a high-quality photo of your home, or choose a sample home. You can customize design features, add new siding, replace windows and update the front door

How to Use the Gentek Visualizer

We recommend uploading a high-quality image of your existing home exterior for the best results. Use the following Gentek Visualizer design tools to prepare your photo for customization: 

  • Grid: Align and straighten the image.
  • Crop: Cut out unnecessary elements of the photo and centre your house.
  • Adjust Look: Enhance the image with brightness and contrast. 
  • Set Scale: Measure at least one area of your home such as the front door, and enter the dimensions for accuracy.
Add Gentek Building Products

Once you have prepared the image, you are ready to add Gentek products to your home. Use the ‘Magic Brush’ tool to highlight customizable areas and identify where the windows and siding surfaces are. Browse and compare siding profiles, trim options and colours to test them out on your home and find the perfect combination.  


Start redesigning your home today with the Gentek Visualizer. Alternatively, hire our Design Services for a minimal fee to have your home image prepared by a professional Gentek designer.