Why We Love Vinyl Siding

With numerous siding materials available, from wood to steel to fiber cement, there’s one that tends to rise above the rest. There’s no denying that vinyl siding has made a name for itself in the world of exterior design. Time and time again it’s proven itself to be a favourite for homeowners, ranked the number 1 exterior cladding in North America. Here are 5 reasons we love it so much.

1. It’s Extremely Durable

Vinyl  is known as one of the most durable siding materials there is. For any homeowner who’s passionate about making their home not only beautiful, but also safe, vinyl is the perfect option. Vinyl siding can stand up to almost any weather, exceeding ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards for windload, impact resistance and more. You can count on vinyl siding long term, through temperature fluctuations, moisture exposure and high winds.

2. It’s Low Maintenance

People’s lives are getting increasingly busier, so it’s important to many homeowners not to worry about a lot of upkeep for their home exterior. Vinyl siding is easy to maintain and stays looking new for the long run. Simply rinse it with a garden hose to remove most airborne dust and dirt. It doesn’t require repainting, and you don’t have to worry about chipping, cracking, rot or insect damage either.

3. It’s Easy to Install

Quick installation saves you on costs for your siding project. Installing vinyl siding is a no-fuss process, and when you use one of Gentek’s premium contractors, you can rest assured that your project will be completed with the highest professionalism and techniques. Since it’s easy to install, it creates a neat, uniform finish that coordinates beautifully with decorative sidings such as scallops and faux shakes.

4. It’s Affordable

The cost of your exterior cladding should be a factor that comes high into consideration, and it’s no secret that outfitting your entire home in siding can be an expensive process. With all the benefits of vinyl siding, you would think it comes with a high price tag, but it’s actually one of the most affordable siding materials out there. Not only is it affordable, but you’ll be happy to know that its style, sustainability and durability aren’t compromised at all.

5. It’s Eco-Friendly

Vinyl siding and insulated vinyl siding have a low overall environmental impact, as they don’t require high energy and water to manufacture. Plus, there’s virtually no manufacturing waste when producing vinyl siding. It’s also lightweight, making transport more energy efficient. Vinyl scrap can also be recycled, meaning it won’t be sent to landfills.

If you were wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to vinyl siding, we hope this article cleared it up! Take a look at all the vinyl siding products Gentek has to offer!