Want Winter Colour? Plant These! 

Did you know your winter garden can be just as full and colourful as your summer one? Winter flowers, whether planted in a garden, in pots, or in window boxes will add a splash of much needed colour during gloomy winter months. Here are 9 plants that bloom in winter! 

1. Snowdrops

With a name that couldn’t be more perfect for a winter garden, snowdrops are absolutely stunning. Their white downturned petals are a beautiful addition to any garden, blooming in November and lasting until after Christmas. If you’re lucky, they can flourish all the way through February. 

2. Pansies

Winter-flowering pansies are low-growing flowers that are a winter garden staple. They bloom through much of the snowy season, and are also ideal for filling pots and window boxes. They come in a variety of colours, both solid and bi-colour, but are known and loved most in the deep purple variety.

3. Winter Jasmine

Winter Jasmine is a beautiful yellow shade and one of the most decorative plants there is. It’s one of the earliest flowering plants to bloom, often in January, and is incredibly easy to care for. It’s summery shade will bring warmth to your garden on the coldest, most miserable days. 

4. Holly Bushes

Bright red holly bushes will stand out in your snow-covered yard. They’re able to survive harsh winters, adding a splash of colour to your garden. Plant them in the spring or fall and watch them do their thing all year. In the spring they also produce little white flowers, making them one of the most versatile plants. 

5. Winter Flowering Cherry

The winter flowering cherry originated in Japan and boasts delicate, yet persistent blooms that make them ideal for winter. The ornamental tree flowers from late autumn to early spring, providing a pretty pink hue to your yard even in the dead of winter. 

6. Sweet Alyssum

Sweet alyssums may be dainty, but they’re an extremely hardy plant, making them well-suited for fall, winter and early spring. They’re low-growing plants with a subtle sweet scent, and a light frost is no issue for them.

7. Winter Honeysuckle

The winter honeysuckle not only looks beautiful, it also gives off a delightful lemony scent. You’ll be surrounded with highly fragrant creamy white flowers in late winter to early spring, after which you’ll be able to enjoy red berries which mature in late spring to early summer. 

8. Camellia

The beautiful camellia varies in colour from bright pink to dark crimson. They offer bright, long-blooming flowers that can thrive right through winter. They’re ranked as one of the best flowering shrubs, and if you pick them well, you can have camellias in your garden from October through May!

9. English Primrose 

It doesn’t get much prettier than the English primrose. Most primroses bloom in the spring, but the English Primrose thrives come winter. Available in nearly any colour, they’re the perfect way to add life and colour to your garden in the gloomy months. 

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you can’t have colour in your yard! Choose a few of your favourite plants for a beautiful winter garden.