Vinyl Siding? 8 million homeowners can’t be wrong!


No matter how you look at it, the appearance of the cladding on your home is very important, but so is the durability, integrity and weatherability.

That’s why more homeowners, just like you, are choosing Gentek Vinyl Siding; in fact Gentek Vinyl Siding is the #1 choice for exterior cladding across Canada and the U.S.

When deciding on the exterior cladding for your home, here are the 3 main areas to consider:

  1. It has to look good

Gentek Vinyl Siding offers you solid colour throughout the panel – won’t chip, flake or peel and NEVER needs to be painted.

Gentek Vinyl Siding is available in nearly 350 colours, is easy to install and creates a neat, uniform finish. It also works beautifully with decorative profiles such as faux shakes, scallops, stone and brick with an extensive selection of trim and decorative accessories for doors, windows, rooflines and more.

Fiber Cement prefinished colour options are available at a higher cost and in a limited number of colours and trim products. This product is made of cellulose and cement and if it’s not prefinished, it must be primed, painted and caulked. It is also labour intensive and installers must wear masks or respirators to avoid inhaling silica dust

  1. Durability

Gentek Vinyl Siding is highly durable, wind and impact resistant, it cleans up quickly and easily with a garden hose.

Gentek Vinyl Siding keeps its value with a lifetime limited, non-prorated, transferable warranty with hail protection and lifetime fade coverage (see printed warranties for details).

Fiber Cement requires caulking and recaulking to seam seals and may require repainting to retain appearance. This product is absorptive by its very nature and must be handled properly at every stage to avoid cracking and chips. This product can be susceptible to delaminating in freeze/thaw conditions. Warranties are less than lifetime (30-50 yrs) and a limited finish warranty of only 15 years may apply to prefinished products.

  1. Weatherability          

Gentek Vinyl Siding has a nail hem and locking system for a tight, secure installation while weep holes allow moisture to escape to prevent mold and mildew. Our vinyl and vinyl insulated siding outperform fiber cement with lower overall environmental impact (vinyl scrap is recyclable).

Fiber Cement panels are installed tightly to the boxing beneath and may trap moisture. Being absorptive, there is the potential for mold, mildew and poor indoor air quality. Fiber Cement requires more water and energy for manufacturing while scrap may be sent to landfills.