Tired of chasing drafts around your house?



Tired of chasing drafts around your house? Wondering what you can do to achieve some semblance of efficiency in this challenging Canadian climate? There’s only so many times one should suffer the trial and tribulations, not to mention the profanity, of the “hair dryer and plastic window sealing kit” routine.


Efficiency is king! Especially during a time where homeowners are spending upwards of 40% of their yearly energy budget just on heating and cooling. Let’s take a look at how Gentek’s Regency and Regency 400 windows series can help out.

First and foremost, it is important to recognize the quality and efficiency behind the Regency line of windows. For over 5 years now, Gentek’s Regency series has settled in comfortably atop ENERGY STAR’s Most Efficient list, with the Regency 400 series topping the 2016 list in its first year on the market. If you’re asking yourself “what’s ENERGY STAR?” The short answer – one of the best and most reliable go to resources for home owners interested in gathering information about energy rated efficiency across a range of products, including windows. Have no fear, you can learn more by visiting their site at www.energystar.gov

A question we hear a lot is, “when is the best time to replace windows?” Generally, any time before the leaves of autumn hit the ground. Now, if you’ve found yourself in the grips of winter, it is worth considering a “sooner rather than later” approach. If you wait until spring, you may miss out on keeping some of that hard-earned heat inside your home, which can, in the long run, affect your bills.

Last but not least, REMEMBER: It’s always important to place your installation in the hands of a trustworthy contractor. Need help finding one? No problem, simply click on our “Contractor Locator” section to find the perfect Premium Renovator in your area, to fit your perfect windows.

Regency and Regency 400 series from Gentek are a great option if efficiency is at the top of your list. Speaking of lists, they also top ENERGY STAR’S!