The importance of choosing the right rain gutter protection


When shopping for a leaf guard, it is important to consider a number of factors to make sure you choose the right one. Leaf guards keep gutters from becoming clogged with leaves, snow, ice, and debris, and prevent water from seeping into the roof, windows, and foundation of the home. Some gutter protectors are even sturdy enough to protect against snow and ice, extending the life of the gutters. Here are some things to consider when choosing a leaf guard.

The size of your debris depends on the types of trees you have in your yard. Leaves, maple keys, pine needles, and other debris can get into unprotected gutters and accumulate there, so you need a leaf guard with holes small enough to keep out debris. Alu-Rex Pro Series products provide the perfect combination of debris filtration and optimal water drainage.

Gutters should never overflow. If they do, they aren’t doing their job. Alu-Rex products come with Roll-Back technologyTM that keeps water in the gutter and protects against overflows, even during heavy rainfalls. Some leaf guards tilt backward slightly, but that in no way diminishes their effectiveness. In fact, it prevents overflows. And even if some leaves and debris build up on the leaf guard, water will continue to drain properly. Independent tests show that the T-Rex and Gutter Clean System drain all storm water without overflowing, even if 80% of the holes are clogged!

In the winter, snow and ice add an additional load that calls for a strong, sturdy leaf guard that won’t sink into the gutter, saving you regular replacement costs. Both Alu-Rex Pro Series products are screwed onto the gutter, so they stay in place better than products that are simply laid in place. Plus, both the Alu-Rex T-Rex and Gutter Clean System are made of sturdy aluminum that protects the gutter from harsh winter conditions. Snow that falls from the roof and expanding ice can damage the gutter, shortening its lifespan. Water should also be able to circulate in the gutters all year long without ice warping them. If water does not drain properly, water could seep in, and sheets of ice could form on the ground where the gutter overflows. With Alu-Rex products, gutters are protected even in winter!

So when choosing a leaf guard, you need to think about snow, ice, water, and debris. The Alu-Rex T-Rex and Gutter Clean System protect against all of these and keep water out of your home. They come with a 40-year warranty, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen a quality product. Find out more at