The Best of the Best: Gentek Windows Recognized as ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient 2016

Regency_ES_WindowYou probably don’t need reminding, but Canada has one of the most challenging climates in the world for trying to save energy – long, cold winters and hot, muggy summers. And with an average household spending more than 40% of its annual energy budget on heating and cooling, it’s essential to choose new windows that will keep your home comfortable while reducing energy consumption year-round.


With a long-standing reputation as a premier window manufacturer, Gentek proudly offers two complete window lines recognized as ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2016. Their newest product, Regency 400 Series, made this elite product list its first year on the market. It joins the original Regency window, now recognized 5 years in a row for excellence in energy efficiency.


A Top Energy Performer

ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2016 designation identifies products that rank at the very top of their ENERGY STAR category for the year. These products have been rigorously tested and proven to save energy – which can save you money on your utility bills while helping to protect the environment.


Both Regency 400 Series and Regency are precision-engineered specifically for demanding northern climates, incorporating double-glazed, insulated EnergyPlus™ glass with Low-E and argon gas, as well as the Super Spacer® structural foam spacer for added insulation and strength. The thermally optimized construction features fusion-welded masterframes and sash corners, multi-layer weatherstripping and integrated insulating components to help seal out energy loss while providing superior durability and easy upkeep.


Both windows can be customized with insulating glass packages for greater energy savings and solar control to meet the latest ENERGY STAR requirements for your home’s climate zone. A variety of frame colours, decorative glass and grids, and installation accessories also are offered. Your windows, your way!


Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

Aside from rising energy bills and harder-to-maintain home temperatures, there are some obvious signs to look for if you think you might need to replace aging windows. With our apologies to the 7 Dwarfs, these include:


  • Frosty  Water droplets or frost on glass are sure signs that your windows’ interior seals have failed and your AC or furnace is working overtime to cool or heat your home.
  • Drafty  Drafts mean air (and energy) is escaping from your home and the outside air is getting in. Wave a lit candle slowly around the edges of your window to see if it flickers with the escaping air drafts.
  • Sticky  In addition to safety concerns related to windows that won’t open, sticky windows can also pose issues when they no longer close properly.
  • Noisy  Your home should be a calm oasis. If you can hear too much noise in the house and your kids and dog are outside, it’s time to replace your windows.
  • Grumpy  You know it’s time for new windows when you’re tired of scraping and painting your old windows every spring.


Compare Specs and Savings

As one of a very select group of windows to qualify for ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2016, Regency 400 Series and Regency windows must have an Energy Rating (ER) of 36 (unitless) or higher, OR a U-factor of 1.14 W/m2∙K (0.20 Btu/h∙ft.2∙°F) or lower and have an ER of 26 (unitless) or higher.


In simpler terms, be sure to look for the ENERGY STAR label. Replacing your old windows with ENERGY STAR-qualified windows can help cut your energy spending and put more money back in your pocket!


Saving Energy Can Be a Beautiful Thing

Windows are major focal point for your home. New windows are a smart investment that will deliver greater energy savings and help maintain your home’s resale value. Regency 400 Series and Regency windows from Gentek not only can help reduce your energy bills and add value to your home, they’ll also preserve the environment by reducing the fossil fuels consumed for heating and cooling. For added peace of mind, these high-performance windows are highly durable, low maintenance and backed by a lifetime limited warranty.


Make a wise window choice for your home. For enduring beauty, excellent value and award-winning energy-efficiency – check out Gentek Regency and Regency 400 Series!