Still An Energy Star: Gentek’s Regency Windows Make The Grade


Even though windows, doors and skylights do not consume energy, they can be a significant source of heat loss in your home. That’s why when Canadians want to reduce energy use and save money, they look for the ENERGY STAR symbol to identify energy-efficient products.

A 2012 survey shows that 88% of Canadians found ENERGY STAR to be the most useful tool in finding energy-efficient products. That followed a 2009 study that found 7 in 10 Canadians choose ENERGY STAR qualified products over non-qualified products.

Energy Star compliance continues to be an important criterion in the vinyl replacement window industry and as of February 1, the federal government made notable changes to the requirements for products to be ENERGY STAR certified.


Canada has now been divided into three climate zones based on heating-degree days, a measure of average annual temperature. Each zone has efficiency level requirements based on how well a window, door or skylight insulates against the cold and how well it uses the sun’s heat to supplement the heating system of a home or building.

Because the climate becomes progressively colder from Zone 1 to Zone 3, the levels are more stringent for each successive zone. This means that models that qualify for Zone 3 also qualify for Zones 1 and 2.

ENERGY STAR® Qualified Windows, Doors & Skylights

Here’s the great news:

Gentek’s Vinyl Replacement Windows meet the 2015 Energy Star requirements TODAY!  Regency, 70 Series and 80 Series Windows currently meet the new criteria with a qualifying glass package.

More good news: ENERGY STAR qualified products from Gentek save you money by reducing overall annual energy costs by about 8%. They also help keep your home more comfortable year-round. That’s what we call a win-win.