Novatech’s IMAGINE Patio Door

IMAGINE baroque

Gentek is happy to introduce the completely redesigned IMAGINE patio door by Novatech.

Described as the ‘’gliding garden door’’, the IMAGINE patio door has the look of a garden door without the inconvenience of hinges.  This allows you to arrange your indoor and outdoor furniture without having to worry about swinging doors getting in the way.

The new IMAGINE patio door has straight lines and a narrower sash than the previous model. Its contemporary look will complement the architecture of your home, while letting more daylight inside. Its welded PVC sash and high-performance sill provide year-round protection from various weather conditions to help keep your home the perfect temperature. As well, the new 1 ¾ divider grids add a nice designer touch to the door.

You can also add the new Raise/LowerLo Eblinds to your door. They are made entirely in Canada and are:

  • Maintenance-free
    • They’re always clean and do not require dusting
  • Safe
    • They’re safe for children and pets
    • There are no external cords and slats for children to play with
  • Functional
    • The height of the blinds, and the angle of the slats are adjustable which allows for any level of privacy
    • They help to protect your drapes, furniture, and floor coverings from the sun’s ultraviolet rays