Keep Your Backyard Organized With These Amazing Ideas

Your backyard sees a lot of action come summertime. From playing ball, to sitting out on the patio, to swimming if you have a pool, there’s nothing better than spending quality time outdoors with your family. With so much going on in your backyard, it’s easy for it to end up out of sorts.

A messy backyard can be super stressful and turn your outdoor oasis into a disorganized nightmare. If you’re worried about a backyard mess this summer, get ahead of the game with these amazing organization ideas for your yard!

Tool Storage Shed

Garden tools can take up so much space, and if you don’t have a devoted place for them, they can create a huge mess in your yard. Not to mention, they’re dangerous to leave lying around, especially if you have kids. Build or invest in a tool storage shed for your backyard to keep your garden tools out of sight. A charming tool shed will look amazing in any backyard and can even stand as a focal point!

Storage Bench

Having a porch bench or garden bench is perfect for sitting out on warm summer days, and why not invest in a bench that does double duty with storage underneath? It’s a great way to keep your backyard organized, allowing you to store everything from towels, to outdoor cushions, to kids toys and gardening tools.

Planters for Storage

Planters can do more than just hold your favourite flowers and plants. With so many gorgeous planters available, choose some that compliment your porch and use them for storage. You can place pool towels, flip flops, balls or toys in the planters to keep your backyard clutter-free.

Garden Tool Storage Pallet

If you love the idea of having a place for your garden tools, but don’t have enough space in your yard for a tool shed, you can build a storage pallet instead! A wood pallet placed on to the side of your house or on a shed is the perfect way to organize and store your garden tools, hose, buckets and more! Keep them organized by giving everything a dedicated place.

Galvanized Buckets for Toys

Galvanized buckets are another great option for storing kids’ toys. If you have children, you’re aware of the clutter that comes along with toys. Having designated buckets for different toys, from balls, to sand toys, to cars and trucks will help keep your backyard structured and tidy. Use cut-out labels to label each bucket so your kids can put the toys away in the right spot when they’re done with them.

Bike Storage

Having bikes laying on the grass or up against your backyard fence isn’t exactly visually appealing. To keep your backyard looking neat and organized, DIY or buy a bike garage or shed to store your bike(s) when not in use. This creates a safe space for your bikes while enhancing the look of your yard.

Summer is closer than it seems! If you’re planning to spend lots of time in your backyard when the temperature goes up, use these ideas to keep your backyard organized!