Introducing 3 new colours from Versetta Stone®



You spoke and we listened.  Canada’s requests for a Versetta Stone® product showcasing a more rich and dark colourway have been answered.  Gentek is pleased to announce the introduction of three fresh NEW Versetta Stone® colours Graphite, Mission Point, and Northern Ash. 

Offered in both the Ledgestone and Tight-Cut textures, the new Graphite colour is a subtle blend of charcoal tones with contrasting pops of white and yellow hues.  Graphite is an extremely versatile colour option that is equally at home in rustic or modern design applications.

Also available in both textures, Mission Point complements almost any design style and colour palette.  With its weathered edges and colours ranging from platinum, steel, and brown tones, Mission Point is aligned with the demands of today’s consumer.

Currently produced in the Ledgestone texture only, the new Northern Ash colour  is a sleek monochromatic blend of black and charcoal tones.  Designed exclusively for the Canadian market, Northern Ash is an ideal finish for both commercial and residential projects.

When using either Graphite or Northern Ash colours be sure to consider Charcoal, the new dark Wainscot Cap and Trim Stone option from Versetta Stone®.  Charcoal’s varying shades of black are the perfect complementary look to any Graphite or Northern Ash project.