How Long Should Siding Last?

If you’ve noticed your exterior siding has seen better days, it could be time to replace it. Damage such as cracks, warping, peeling and gaps over a large section or the majority of your siding signals a significant problem. Different siding materials have different characteristics and lifespans, so the material you choose for your exterior will determine how long your siding will last. Some hold up with very little maintenance, while others require a little more TLC.

If you’re in the market for new siding, take a look at some of the different options for siding materials to help you make your decision.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is extremely durable and strong, often lasting for decades. It holds up its beautiful appearance season after season, even when it’s exposed to harsh outdoor elements. Quality aluminum siding, like the types found at Gentek, have a heavy-duty aluminum core and are performance engineered to shield your home from outdoor elements such as harsh winds and water. Gentek’s aluminum siding also requires simple upkeep, demanding only a simple rinse of a garden hose from time to time.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is the number one cladding choice across North America, and for good reason. Its benefits range from its excellent durability, to its super low maintenance (you just need to rinse it with a garden hose now and then), to its easy installation and its low environmental impact. Vinyl siding panels have colour throughout, so they won’t flake, chip or peel, and they never need to be painted. With its distinctive beauty of a freshly painted wood finish, it provides the look of natural wood, without the upkeep. Check out Gentek’s vast selection of vinyl siding to find one that suits your home best!

Steel Siding

If you’re looking for an exceptional shield for your home, steel siding may be for you. It’s extremely resistant and built weather-tough so it doesn’t absorb moisture, and won’t warp, chalk, or fade. If you live in an area that experiences harsh weather, steel siding is likely your best bet. Steel siding resists damage from wood-eating insects and it’s simple to install.

In most cases steel siding cleans up quickly and easily, so all you have to do is rinse it with a garden hose. It’s very environmentally friendly since steel siding is a recyclable product, with all these features coming together to enhance your home’s overall value. Gentek’s Sierra Steel siding has an amazing warranty – it’s backed by a lifetime limited warranty, a 50 year hail warranty and a 35 year chalk and colour change warranty.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is known for its upscale aesthetic and durability, but it does require more upkeep than the other siding materials on this list. Fiber cement may require periodic re-caulking and re-painting to keep it looking fresh, but the fact that it’s sleek, strong and non-combustible make it an amazing option for any home. Gentek carries the entire line of James Hardie Fiber Cement, which uses ColorPlus® technology for long-lasting colour, and Engineered for Climate® to meet specific climate demands.

If you need to replace your siding and are trying to figure out what’s best for your home, weigh your options and choose the one that’s right for you! Use our Contractor Locator to find a Gentek dealer near you!