Here’s how to see your house reno, before you reno



If you’ve been imagining how your home might look in a different colour siding or with different windows or stone cladding … you don’t have to imagine anymore.

GTK_Blog_March_BeforeAfterNow, with the NEW Gentek Visualizer, you can actually see your home in the colour you choose, with the windows and doors you select, even with a different siding profile all together… and yes eaves, soffits and down spouts.

It’s fun and as easy as 1… 2… 3.

Simply go to, click on “My Design Home Studio”, click on Gentek Visualizer and you’re good to go. You can either select a similar style house to yours from our library or you can upload a photo of your own home.

If you choose a “similar house”, you can use your curser to highlight various areas and explore different colours and product offerings.

GTK_Blog_March_BeforeAfter_BIf you choose to use “your home”, simply upload your photo and our team will do all the work so you can view any of our product offerings on your actual house.

So let your design flair come alive and enjoy exploring how great your house will look using the Gentek Visualizer and all the Gentek products.