Grayne Engineered Shake & Shingle: FAQ & Painting Tips


Searching for shake and shingle with charm and long-lasting durability? Look no further. As a natural cedar replacement, Grayne has the beauty of aged cedar without the maintenance. It’s pre-finished and unsusceptible to moisture, making it easy to install and resilient through any climate.

When it comes to design, Grayne is the perfect accent for fiber cement, engineered wood, stucco, or natural cedar. It also offers a cellular PVC trim as a low-maintenance accessory package, so you can customize your home exterior to your desire. For the most authentic look possible, the graining patterns create natural depth, and its sharp edges create a striking aesthetic.

If you’re thinking about using Grayne engineered shake and shingle for your home, there are a few things you should know. Dive in to our FAQ and painting tips to see just how amazing this product is!


Grayne is a multi-layer rigid PVC composite, manufactured in the Tapco Franklin Facility near Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s designed to last with rigidity, low thermal-expansion, impact resistance and long term colour protection. It’s not susceptible to moisture, and with a ¾” projection from the wall and cavity back design, it’s strong enough to take blunt force impact from heavy objects like baseballs, rocks, and hail.


What about wind? Grayne performs remarkably in wind, exceeding 170MPH wind load, so no matter what weather comes your way, Grayne is a sturdy choice. Not to mention, it has achieved a class 1A Fire Rating, which means it passes Flame Spread and Smoke.

Easy and affordable to install, Grayne is backed by a 50-year warranty for manufacturing defects and 5-year warranty on labor. It won’t splinter, rot, or swell and performs exceptionally against nature.


The two most popular profiles are 5” Shake and Shingle and 7.5” Red Cedar Shingle, but Grayne offers 6 warm cedar colours. Each of which is made to mimic the natural look of cedar and each offers a unique colour palette and exposure. If you don’t find your perfect match, Grayne is also available in a paintable version so you can customize with any colour you like!

Painting Tips

If you decide to go with the paintable version of Grayne, you must paint the product within 90 days of installation. Make sure you use 100% acrylic exterior latex paint, and if you opt for a shade with an LRV less than 55%, go with 100% acrylic exterior paint formulated for PVC.

Don’t paint it when wet, ensure the surface is clean, dry and dust-free. And make sure you don’t use stain, powder coating or oil/alkyd base paint, as these don’t work with Grayne paintable products.

Your finish coat should be painted following the paint manufacturers instructions. This will ensure the coverage, application methods and application temperature are exactly how they need to be.

Now hop on over to the Gentek site to see what type of Grayne product is best for you!