Gray: The Colour of the Year

Benjamin Moore recently announced the colour of the year for 2019, and it’s a sophisticated, beautiful soft gray. It’s no surprise that a gorgeous shade of grey has taken the coveted spot. Grays are welcoming and eye-catching, and they work harmoniously with so many other colours.

Here at Gentek, we’re launching a number of new colours in 2019, and two of these are in the gray family. Available on January 15, “Chesapeake Gray” and “Hudson Slate” will be yours to use to upgrade the exterior of your home.


Here are 6 ways to use gray, the colour of the year, to elevate the interior and exterior of your home in 2019.

Exterior Siding

Gray is a beautiful colour for exterior siding. It’s classic and timeless, while also completely on trend. It’s neutral enough that you don’t have to worry about it going out of style, and in the right shade it’s a colour you’ll love for years to come.

Chesapeake Gray and Hudson Slate would both make for gorgeous siding colours. While Chesapeake Gray is slightly softer and warmer, Hudson Slate is deeper and more striking.

Depending on the look you want to achieve, you can use either of these for a trendy exterior upgrade.

Your Front Door

Gray is also a striking shade for your front door. A darker gray like Hudson Slate pops beautifully against lighter siding colours, and a soft gray such as Chesapeake Gray offers a gorgeous contrast to white, black or navy shades. Any shade of gray is welcoming, which makes it ideal for an entry door.

Trim and Shutters

If you want to go more subtle with the colour gray, consider adding accents in the form of trim or shutters. It’s important that both your shutters and trim complement your siding seamlessly. They all work together to elevate your curb appeal, so choosing colours that work together is key.

Interior Walls

Of course, gray isn’t only suitable for your home exterior, it’s perfect for interior walls as well. Gray can be used whether you want your room to be cheerful or bold, or whether you have a contemporary or farmhouse style. It’s extremely versatile since there are so many different shades of gray, all you have to do is nail down your style.


Gray couches, consoles and accent chairs are also a trendy way to incorporate the colour of the year into your space. Gray furniture is warm and inviting and will also make a modern statement in your home. Another excellent option is bringing in gray with accessories like rugs and window coverings.


Finishings such as your kitchen backsplash and countertops would do well with a pop of gray. You can choose to go all-gray with a subway tile backsplash, or opt for something more subtle like a mostly-white backsplash with specks of gray.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate the colour of the year into both the interior and exterior of your home! Choose one or a few of these ideas and you’re sure to have a trendy yet timeless house.