From Bold to Beige: How to Coordinate Your Exterior Paint Colours

Coordinating your exterior paint colours isn’t always as easy as it may seem. However, with the right tips and advice, you’ll find the perfect exterior colours that complement each other and make your home look gorgeous and inviting. The paint colours you choose for your exterior will be determined by your personal style and what you want your home to convey. Whether that’s bright and bold, dark and moody or somewhere in the middle, here’s how to coordinate your exterior paint colours!

Check out our World of Colour to follow along with the paint colours we refer to!

A Neutral Palette

A neutral palette always ensures an on-trend yet timeless home. Soft creamy grays like Gentek’s “Pearl” and “Dover Gray”, as well as white and greige tones are gorgeous options for your home exterior. Pair neutrals in similar tones that complement each other for a look that’s modern and classic at the same time.

Bright and Bold

If you’re more adventurous when it comes to your home design, a bright and bold colour palette may be more your speed. Just make sure not to go overboard! While giving your home a bold door or siding colour will work if the rest of the exterior is more toned down, choosing bright, bold colours for your door, siding and trim will look too overwhelming. If you love the bright and bold look, try shades like our “Burgundy”, “Mountain Arbour Green”, and “Rockwell Blue”, and stick to bold colours for either your siding or door and trim.

Dark and Moody

On the other hand, if dark and moody is more your style, there are beautiful options for you too. Black exteriors continue to rise in popularity, and on top of that, black will always be a classic and timeless shade. A black exterior is dramatic in such a beautiful way, and if you add contrast with white trim around your windows and doors, it will make an even bigger statement.

Blue Hues

Home exteriors with blue hues are also a big trend right now. A navy like our “Old World Blue” is ideal if you’re into darker shades, and “Pacific Blue” is gorgeous if you more of the sea-inspired look. Pair blues with charcoals and crisp whites for the most gorgeous contrast.

Timeless Trio

You can never go wrong with a white, black and gray colour combination. Opt for a light to medium gray such as Gentek’s “Storm” for your siding, “Black” for your door, and a pretty white like our “Snow White” for your trim. This colour combination is extremely charming, and with the addition of window boxes and lush green landscaping, your home is sure to shine.

Coordinating your exterior paint colours doesn’t have to be hard! Use this guideline to choose the perfect colours for you and your home!

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