Fire Pit Ideas for Any Backyard 

Fire pits are a stylish way to elevate your backyard. Not only do they create an eye-catching focal point, they also provide heat so you can enjoy your backyard once the sun goes down. If you’re a fan of grilling, you can also use a firepit to cook up your favourite foods! Before you build or put in a fire pit, make sure to look up the fire code in your area. Not all cities allow open air burning, so only put in a fire pit if it’s permitted where you live. Take a look at 6 fire pit ideas for any backyard! 

1. Stone Fire Pit

You can easily make a backyard fire pit yourself using stacked flagstone. Stack it to your ideal fire pit height, and add fire brick interiors and pea gravel to fill the bottom. A 6 to 12 inch deep gravel layer will provide sufficient drainage for a DIY fire pit. Stack the stone in a natural looking pattern to make it look like it was professionally put in. 

2. Concrete Fire Pit

If you want a more modern look for your fire pit, go with a concrete design. You can DIY one over a weekend, and it makes for a great centrepiece for outdoor entertaining. Place outdoor furniture around it so you and your guests can enjoy your yard and stay warm into the night. 

3. Fire Pit Grill

Looking for a unique way to grill your food outside? Add grill grates over a wood burning fire pit and cook your food to perfection. This idea is perfect for the family that loves to have BBQ dinners outside, as well as entertain in their backyard. All your guests can put their food on the grill and stand around the fire pit to watch it roast! 

4. In-Ground Brick Fire Pit

Brick is another great material to use for a firepit. You can create a round or square design with brick, and can also convert a grass base into a space for a fire pit. Dig a hole in the ground according to the height you want your fire pit and place bricks at the base and around it in a circular or square form. You can add stones to help the bricks stay in place better! 

5. Two Tiered Fire Pit

A two tiered fire pit will make a beautiful visual statement in your backyard. It’s decorative, unique and complements any style of home. Use concrete blocks or stones to create a circular two tiered pit with a barbeque grill set in the middle. You can add pebbles and small stones in between the two tiers for a more polished look. 

6. Square Metal Fire Pit

While many DIY fire pits are made of stone, brick or concrete, a metal fire pit will look sleek and modern. All you need is four pieces of metal to connect in a square shape. This will work best if you place it in a gravel base so the mud holds it in place. Place logs in the fire pit and square tiles around the pit to create a place you’ll love to hang out. 

Use these fire pit ideas to create a focal point in your backyard and extend your time outdoors!