Extend Your Home’s Living Space with Sunview Patio Doors

Beautiful patio doors are the ultimate way to extend your home’s living space. They allow more light to shine into your home and provide an unobstructed view of your outdoor scenery. With a wide range of patio door styles and materials, Sunview provides patio door solutions and price-points to suit all commercial or residential needs. Here are four key things to know when shopping for new patio doors. 

1. Material

Patio door frames are available in a variety of materials, from vinyl to aluminum, to wood and composite hybrids. Vinyl is a favourite for homeowners, available in a wide range of colours, styles and price ranges. Aluminum doors are popular for high-rise, condominium and modern homes due to their aesthetic appeal and durability, which makes them ideal for glass and steel structures. Wooden patio doors are a beautiful option, but will cost you more. While they may suit your home’s architecture, note that they’ll require more maintenance overtime than other materials. 

2. Colour

Just like your front door and windows, you can use your patio door frames to either blend or contrast with the exterior of your home. If you’d rather make a more subtle impact, opt for classic white patio doors, but if you want to add style with a pop of colour, why not try blue or dove grey? Darker colours are on trend right now, with black patio doors making a bold and eye-catching statement. 

3. Energy Star Ratings

Having an energy efficient home is a high priority for many homeowners today, and your patio doors can help you achieve this goal. Modern patio doors will help you keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Look for Energy Star ratings as these products help protect the environment through superior energy efficiency. If you get a lot of sun where you live, consider UV protective glass for your doors. Glass thickness of 1”, Low-E glass and Super Spacer technology signal higher-end doors with superior climate control.

4. Security

Like any door or window in your home, you should feel confident that your patio doors will keep you safe and secure. From sturdy frames to shatter-resistant glass, today’s patio doors offer a great deal of safety. When choosing a locking system, note that a single lock will not be as secure as a multi-lock system. Some of Sunview’s products use a heavy-duty three-point locking system for added protection, and you can also look into kick locks at the bottom of doors or Guardian lock mounts on the top.

If you’re ready for patio doors, don’t forget that proper installation is just as important as finding the right door. Look to Gentek’s Premium Renovators to find a reputable installer and get your dream patio doors in today!