DuraStone: The Stone Alternative You Have To See To Believe

Many people love the look of natural stone on a home’s exterior. But there are some drawbacks – it’s expensive, heavy and difficult to install. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have the look – and a long list of other benefits too.

DuraStone is nature’s alternative, offering the perfect blend of natural beauty and modern practicality. DuraStone 3D textured architectural panels combine artistic detail and visual appeal with a high-density resin construction to create a siding system that’s lightweight yet extremely durable and easy to maintain.

DuraStone masterfully recreates natural stone at a fraction of the cost. Many other ‘stone’ products are made in smaller pieces or with replicated molds that make it easy to see seams and repeating patterns. Each DuraStone panel is 12 sq. ft. and seams are virtually invisible due to the non-repeating pattern and large panel size. Plus, it’s easy to quickly cover a lot of ground when installing.

Here are some other key benefits of DuraStone:

  • Full selection of natural and cast stone
  • Lightweight yet strong for easy installation – less than 1 pound/sq. ft.
  • UV-resistant formula ensures long-term attractive appearance
  • R-Value of 5 insulates against energy loss year-round
  • Resistant to moisture and pests
  • Choose from a variety of trim accessories

Sometimes, beauty is on the outside. With a range of texture and colour variations, DuraStone provides a warm and welcoming ambience to your home’s exterior. It’s environmentally-friendly too, thanks to its insulation value that will contribute to your home’s energy efficiency, and because it conserves natural products often used in home construction.