Dream Up Your 2021 Look Today!

Planning an exterior home renovation for 2021? It’s now easier than ever to dream up your look with the Gentek Visualizer, a tool that helps you make your dreams a reality by allowing you to design your exterior renovation from top to bottom. Using the visualizer’s innovative software, you can easily see your house with Gentek siding, window and door options to find the perfect fit for your home. Try out different materials, textures and colours to create the exterior aesthetic you’ve always dreamed of. Read on to learn more about the Gentek Visualizer and how you can use it to create your 2021 look today! 

How It Works

Using the Gentek Visualizer is the easiest way to bring your design plans to life. No more guessing – you just upload a photo of your home and create a new design using the visualizer’s simple tools. You can customize all of your home’s design features by upgrading the siding, switching out your front door and adding new windows to your facade. You’ll be able to see all siding profiles and trim options, as well as a full range of colour choices. If you’ve been having trouble choosing colours, our library of colour palettes is sure to make your decision as easy as possible.

If you don’t have a photo of your home, you can browse through a gallery of sample homes to choose one that looks most like yours and quickly design the perfect renovation. Whether your home style is modern, traditional, Victorian or craftsman, you can plan out everything from roofing to accents, trim, windows, doors and siding. You get a full product list and colour palette to find the very best options for your home. 

Design Services 

Planning a renovation is a big commitment. If you don’t have time to use the visualizer to mock up your home, you may rely on professional design services to do the work for you. All you have to do is upload a photo of your home and provide any preferences you have for your exterior design. Your home will be prepared by professional designers within three to five business days. This service is valued at $50 but is being offered at $15 for a limited time. 

Finding a Contractor

Once you’ve decided on the look of your renovation, it’s important to find a quality contractor that can seamlessly bring your renovation to life. Gentek works with leading contractors and retailers across the country that meet strict quality, performance and insurance rules. They’ll help ensure your product choices and installation meet your expectations and make sure your renovation goes as smoothly as possible. With the best products and the right contractor, you’re sure to be over the moon with your exterior renovation. 

Designing a home renovation is as easy and enjoyable as ever with the Gentek Visualizer. If you’re planning a renovation, get started today with our amazing online tool!