Ditch the Clutter and Get Rid of Stuff! 9 Things to Get Rid of Now

Clutter can transform your beautiful home into a mountain of mess. The truth is, there are plenty of things around your home that you probably don’t need. These things take up space and likely haven’t been used for years.

The best thing you can do is go through each room in your house and get rid of stuff you have no need for anymore. It may have served you at one point, but if you no longer use or need it, it’s time to say goodbye! Here are 9 things to get rid of so you can ditch the clutter!

1. Last Year’s Birthday/Holiday Cards

It’s nice to keep holiday cards up for a little while, but they do create unnecessary clutter. Enjoy them for a month or two, then either throw them away or keep special ones in storage.

2. Worn Out Shoes

Are your closets and entryways full of shoes you don’t wear anymore? If you have shoes that are broken and worn beyond repair, it’s time to get rid of them. And if you have shoes that are in relatively good condition that you don’t wear anymore, bring them to a local shelter or thrift store.

3. Single Socks

Everyone knows the dread of the single sock. You can look high and low without any luck, and although it’s tempting to keep them in hopes that the other one will show up one day, it usually doesn’t happen. Who knows where the other one went, the only thing we know is if it’s missing its partner, it’s time to let it go.

4. Old Halloween Costumes

Your kids may have looked cute in their Halloween costumes from five years ago, but are they really worth hanging on to? If your kids have moved on to new costumes, so should you. Donate their old costumes or hand them down to cousins or friends.

5. Wire Hangers

Wire hangers tend to make your closet look more cluttered than it really is. Throw out your wire hangers and replace them with matching plastic or wooden ones. It will make your closet look much more organized and coordinated.

6. Unworn Clothes

Speaking of your closet, it’s often the one space that holds a lot of clutter. Make a point of going through your clothes and make a donation bag for any items you don’t wear anymore. It can be tough to part with clothing, but if you haven’t worn something in a year (or more), it’s time to say goodbye.

7. Expired Makeup

Makeup doesn’t last forever. In fact, expired makeup can be really bad for your skin. Go through your makeup bag and get rid of anything you’ve had for a while. Mascara should be switched about every three months, while foundation is good for about a year. Lipstick and blush should be replaced every two years.

8. Cardboard Food Boxes

Have you ever noticed that cardboard food boxes take up so much space? Not to mention, they’re not so pleasant to look at. Whenever you buy food like cereal or pasta that comes in a cardboard box, toss it! Invest in sealed glass containers to transfer the food into to keep it fresh and reduce clutter.

9. Expired Food

Have you ever gone through your fridge only to find sauces and condiments that expired last year? Time flies and before you know it, that poppy seed salad dressing you meant to use is already way past its due date. Get rid of any expired food in your fridge and pantry, and if you find non-perishable foods that you’ve been keeping around and know you won’t eat, donate them to your local food bank.

If your home is feeling cluttered, it’s time to get rid of some stuff. Purge your house of unused items for a feel-good refresh!