Buying a Cottage and Plan to Renovate? Build the Right Team, First!



Having a cottage is the dream for many, and as we head into the warmest season of the year, many are planning their summer retreats. But if you’re thinking of buying and renovating a summer getaway home, make sure you’re prepared with a team of knowledgeable experts so there are no hidden surprises.

Having a cottage comes with its own unique group of issues, some which don’t apply to your house in the city. There are costs and concerns related to your cottage, such as figuring out your sanitation infrastructure and form of heating that you must make sure are covered.

You don’t have to do it all on your own, though. Just make sure to build the right team so buying and renovating your cottage goes off without a hitch and it’s transformed into the dream retreat you’ve always wanted.

Wondering where to find the professionals? Gentek is partnered with elite contractors and renovation professionals to ensure your remodel goes smoothly. Take a look at how to build the right team for your cottage renovation!

A Home Inspector

Hire a home inspector that has experience with cottages and other recreational properties. They’ll know what issues to look for when you’re purchasing, and will be able to identify any problems that could arise during your renovation concerning your heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical systems. Getting your cottage inspected by a professional will save you from unseen costs and surprises down the road.

A Design Team

The design you want for your cottage will likely be a different style from your city home. Hire a design team that can capture your cottage vision and bring it to life with colours, furniture, décor and the perfect finishes. A great design team will help you get your dream cottage at the right cost and will make sure to take the inspector’s notes into consideration.

Whether you’re renovating the interior, exterior, or both, Gentek has gorgeous siding, window, door and colour options to choose from!

A Contractor

Once you’ve nailed the home inspection and have decided on your summer getaway home, make sure to find an expert contractor. The right contractor will ensure your renovations are smooth sailing from start to finish. They won’t cut corners and will make sure that your expectations are blown out of the water. They’ll take the designs and bring them to life with quality craftsmanship and detail.

How to Choose Your Team


To decide on the right inspector, designer and contractor, conduct interviews and meet up with your top choices face to face. Make sure to ask for specifics on budget and schedule, and get references from past clients. You want to ensure the team you hire is the right team for you from beginning to end of your purchase and renovation process.

If you’re buying a cottage and plan to renovate, make sure you build the right team first. A team of qualified professionals will ensure you get the cottage you’ve always dreamed of with minimal problems popping up along the way!