Bring Paris to Your Kitchen With These New Ideas!

If you love the look of charming Parisian bistros, revel in the fact that you can bring that exact look to your kitchen with lighting, flooring and decor. Paris is known for its incredible food culture, as well as the beautiful decor and atmosphere that’s present in their cafés, bistros and brasseries. The Parisian bistro in particular, has become inspiration for kitchens all over the world. If you’re planning a home renovation and craving Parisian flair, here are 7 ways to bring Paris to your kitchen!

1. Bistro Chairs

Nothing says Parisian bistros like rattan bistro chairs. Low-slung, comfortable and incredibly stylish, they’re the perfect way to bring the Parisian vibe to your kitchen. Opt for varying colours to add visual interest, and choose between armless bistro chairs and ones that have arms to suit your family’s preferences. Whether you’re styling your kitchen island, dining table or breakfast nook, bistro chairs offering a charming addition to any kitchen.

2. Mix Black and White

For a true Parisian patisserie-inspired style, blending black and white for your main kitchen colours is the way to go. Think white subway tile with dark grout, crisp white cabinets, and black windows, light fixtures and stovetop. Mix in some open shelving and you have a space that looks like it’s right out of Paris.

3. Brass Accents

Bring your black and white kitchen together with elegant brass accents. From your kitchen sink faucet to your hardware, to a brass railed shelf for glasses and brass rods for hanging pots and pans, there are endless options for brass accents. Don’t forget considering appliances such as stoves with built-in brass dials and details.

4. Hexagonal Tile Floors

Hexagonal tile floors are a must for a Parisian kitchen. It’s the essential flooring of a traditional bistro, and offers a charming and easy-to-clean option for your kitchen. Opt for a blend of classic black and white for timeless flooring that looks incredible.

5. Homey Lighting 

Parisian bistros are known for their homey, snug atmospheres, and one of the ways they pull this off so well is with their lighting. Soft, low lights will make your kitchen feel warm and inviting, especially when the evening rolls around. 

6. Displayed Cookware

While in traditional North American kitchens, cookware is typically stored out of sight, the French like to have theirs out on display. It makes sense since pots and pans need to be close and easy to grab when you’re cooking. Put your cookware on display by placing it hanging on a wall or with a ceiling-mounted pot rack. A combination of copper and steel cookware (especially well-worn) will give you that perfect Parisian feel. When it comes to your dishware, opt for brasserie-style dishware to display on open shelving.

7. Chalkboards

A chalkboard is the perfect touch for a Parisian-inspired kitchen. While in bistros the menu is written on the chalkboard, you can use your chalkboard for grocery lists, messages to your family, or household reminders. Hang a framed chalkboard on the wall to get the authentic bistro look.

Ready to turn your kitchen into a Parisian bistro? Use these 7 tips to create the kitchen of your French-inspired dreams!