Before and After: How to Transform Your Curb Appeal

If your curb appeal has you feeling uninspired, it could be time for a transformation. Your home exterior should be inviting, gorgeous and have personality. It’s the first impression guests and passersby get of your home, and if you’re looking to put your house on the market, a good-looking facade should be top of mind!

Depending on the current state of your exterior, you could simply need a few quick fixes, or a massive overhaul. Your curb appeal is a snapshot of what’s to come inside, so make sure it’s something you’re proud of. Here are 5 ways to transform your curb appeal!

If Your Home is Dark and Dreary: Go White and Light

If your exterior is in the realm of monotone brown or dated brick, your curb appeal is likely in need of a transformation. For a stunning turn-around, consider going white and light. A bright white coat of paint with a contrasting trim in gray or black will make your exterior look clean and crisp. Going white and light will highlight your home’s features rather than hiding them.

If Your Home is Plain: Go Colourful

Are you bored of your plain jane home? If you feel like you’re exterior is lacklustre, try doing the opposite and going completely colourful. If you’re daring, opt for a colour like coastal blue for your siding and bright yellow for your front door. If you want to keep it a little more tame, consider slate grey for your siding and a soft blue for your door. Both options are strikingly colourful in their own way.

If Your Home is an Old School Barn: Create a Beautiful Farmhouse

Love the farmhouse look, but currently have an old school barn that lacks colour, windows and character? You’re halfway there, you just need a few updates to take your curb appeal from drab to jaw-dropping. Consider adding large black-framed windows and changing the exterior colour to something beautiful and timeless like soft white or a grey blue. Finish off the look with outdoor barn lights and wooden accents for beams and the front door.

If Your Home is Grey and Faded: Make It Warm and Welcoming

Grey can be a gorgeous shade for your home exterior, but if it’s faded and weathered, it’s time for an update! Sure, it was probably gorgeous at one point, but if it’s now lacklustre, it’s not setting the tone for your beautiful interior. You don’t have to change the colour altogether. Opt for a fresh coat of paint in a warm and welcoming shade of grey, add a contrasting trim and either a pop of colour for the front door.

If Your Home is Overgrown with Greenery: Let it Be the Star

Is your home currently hiding behind trees and overgrown hedges? Your landscape should enhance your facade, not overshadow it. Clear the overgrowth and instead add tasteful flower boxes and trees that add to the overall look of your home.

Transforming your curb appeal can take your home from drab to fab. Use these ideas to create your dream home exterior.