All About Sereny Stone – Gentek’s Newest Specialty Siding Product

When it comes to designing your home, selecting your exterior materials is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Your home exterior is just as important as your interior, reflecting your family and setting the pace for the rest of your space. Your choices impact the overall design, look and quality of your home, so it’s essential to be confident about the materials you use. If you want your home to have a more contemporary feel, stone siding is a popular option.

SerenyStone is Gentek’s newest exclusive product, and it’s everything you need if you want the look of natural stone siding. With SerenyStone you get the authentic look and feel of real stone, with simple installation and minimal maintenance. The perfect alternative to masonry, SerenyStone brings incredible realism with faux stone panels and the highest quality finish.

Features and Benefits

SerenyStone is a range of products that are made in Canada, and available in a wide variety of colours. Each cladding product is unique and hand-painted to provide a natural result. SerenyStone products are solid and lightweight, waterproof, and resistant to moisture and UV rays. They also provide incredible thermal insulation to ensure the comfort of your home.

Get the Look

Getting the look of authentic stone has never been easier than with the SerenyStone products. They offer quality finishes that provide the authentic colours and textures of masonry, so you get beautiful results that look truly realistic. Note that just like with natural stone sidings, it’s normal to find slight colour discrepancies from one product to the next. This gives your home a more natural aesthetic and feel.

The Ease of Installation

One of the most notable things about SerenyStone is its seamless installation. The faux stone panels are light and easy to handle and transport. They can easily be installed with basic wood tools, and since they’re larger and cover more surface, they require fewer steps and preparation.

SerenyStone’s claddings take much less time to install than traditional masonry, which results in major savings for you as the homeowner! You don’t need to hire a mason, which significantly reduces your costs. Plus, their specialists have developed a unique application method for their sealants for perfect joint camouflage, while at the same time offering an authentic aspect of real mortar.

If you want the look of real stone siding without the hassle and high cost of installation and upkeep, SerenyStone is just the thing for you! See your Gentek representative for more details on how to get started with SerenyStone and transform your home!