9 Top Dog Spaces for Inside Your Home

If you’re lucky enough to have a dog, you know that they’re more than just a pet. They’re part of the family and they deserve the utmost love and care and of course, a space to call their own. While dogs love going for walks and spending time outside in the yard, they also need an indoor space for sleeping and play that will keep the mess out of your living areas. Want to see the top spaces for a dog room inside your home? Here are 9 of our favourites.


  1. Mudroom

Mudrooms are one of the most common spots to create a cozy space for your dog. Not only does a mudroom stop dirt at the door before their paw prints get tracked through the house, it’s the perfect place to set up a dog bed or kennel and store away chew toys, leashes and food.


  1. Under Your Staircase

Creating a dog kennel under your stairs is a cozy, stylish and practical way to utilize the space. Especially if you don’t have a lot of room in your house for an extra dog space, this design offers a smart solution for your home and for your dog as well.


  1. Dog Teepee

There are plenty of adorable dog teepees and tents you can place anywhere in your home. Choose a design that works with the rest of your space, so it looks like it fits right in with the decor. It’s a chic storage spot for your pup’s bed and blankets and will help hide toys away too!


  1. Laundry Room

If you have a spacious laundry room, why not make it part pet room as well? Place their dog bed and a few toys next to the laundry machines, or go one step further and create a sleeping space in a pre-existing cupboard or shelf.


  1. Home Office

If you work from home day in and day out, it only makes sense for your dog to be right by your side. Create an indoor dog den with their favourite toys so the two of you can keep each other company. Place a dog crate under your desk or a dog house or bed beside you.


  1. Bedroom

While some dog owners have a no-dog-in-the-bedroom rule, others like to keep their pets close at night. Place a dog bed or teepee at the foot of your bed or anywhere there’s enough space in your bedroom. They’ll feel safe and comfortable being able to sleep in the same room as you night after night.


  1. Nook or Corner Space

Do you have an empty nook or corner space somewhere in your home? These are ideal spots to set up a dog space! You can place their bed, toys and food and water bowls without them getting in the way of your living space. You can also place hooks on the wall to hang your pup’s leash.


  1. Insulated Garage

If your garage is insulated, it can be the ideal space for a pet palace. If you’re not planning to store your car and lawn equipment inside, create a dog zone with a cozy bed, their favourite toys and dog-friendly decor.


  1. Entryway

Your home’s entryway can be a great spot for a cozy dog area, especially if it’s spacious. Place a dog bed under your entryway table or on top of your entryway bench. It’s the perfect place to store their leash and keep their toys out of the way.


Your dog deserves the best, and that includes a comfy, cozy space to spend their days. Use one of these ideas for the perfect indoor dog space!