8 Swoon-Worthy Garden Gate Ideas to Welcome People to Your Oasis

You’re proud of your home. You’re excited to show it off, especially your gorgeous backyard. You’ve worked hard to create a beautiful garden, install garden patio doors, and invest in windows that that are just as stunning as they are durable. What better way to welcome people to your oasis than a swoon-worthy garden gate?

Garden gates are to your backyard what your front door is to your home. The gate to your backyard should be warm and inviting, welcoming guests into your gorgeous space. Having the right garden gate can complete the look of your home, while also making it more secure. Check out 8 truly gorgeous garden gate ideas to welcome people to your backyard space.

1. A Floral Arch

A wooden, arched garden gate is one of the most charming designs you can choose to welcome people to your space. It’s classic and simple, yet never grows tired. Add a pop of colour and dimension to the humble design by creating a floral arch with your favourite blooms.

2. Be Bold

A garden gate in a bold colour, such as bright teal, violet or yellow is sure to make an inviting statement. Contrast your bold-coloured garden gate with the colours in your backyard (your garden, home exterior and patio furniture).

3. Go Antique

If you’re home exterior has vintage vibes, head to your favourite antique shop to find a rustic garden gate. It’s sure to give your space the character and charm it craves. Look for unique characteristics such as double-wooden doors, a soothing colour and perhaps even heart-shaped cut-outs for some extra antique charm.

4. Intertwined with Fruit

Growing lemon or plum trees around the perimeter of your backyard? Allow the leaves and fruits of the tree to twist around the top arch of your garden gate, framing it in the most gorgeous way.

5. A Wrought Iron Fairy-tale

A wrought iron garden gate makes for the perfect entranceway to a lush, green garden. The combination of vivacious colour from your garden and the classic wrought iron design will create a breathtaking visual straight out of a fairy-tale.

6. Barnyard Vibes

A sophisticated barnyard style garden gate would make the perfect addition to a country style home. Barnyard style doors have made a name for themselves inside the home as trendy decor pieces, but why not use them outside the home too?

7. Delicate and See-Through

A delicate, see-through gate lets your backyard garden do all the talking. Opt for a neutral colour like white or black with a dainty design and intricate details.

8. Decorative Window Insert

While some homeowners are happy to have a see-through garden gate, others desire more privacy. If you want more privacy for your backyard, but aren’t into a solid door, add a decorative window insert to the top half of a solid gate.

A garden gate is the most charming addition to any home. Use one of these styles to create the perfect welcome to your gorgeous oasis.