7 ways your home saves with Regency 400 Series windows

GTK_Ph_ATMOS_Cover_House2_Jan16Canada’s weather can be one of extremes. Either blazing hot under our summer sun, or down right frigid with our infamous winters. Either way, your energy bill suffers and that’s exactly why you should consider Gentek’s Regency 400 Series Windows. It comes as no surprise that a home’s windows, which are about 80% glass, can be a significant source of energy loss, so choosing the right windows are critical.

 Here are 7 energy saving features that result in both comfort and savings:

  1. heavy-duty 4 ½” welded rigid vinyl multi-chamber frame construction
  2. welded sashes with triple weather-stripping for superior insulation
  3. available in 7/8” double glazed Low-E argon (standard)
  4. triple glazed units up to 1 3/8 “ thick Low-E argon or krypton for ultra energy efficiency (optional)
  5. EnergyPlusTM  and Solar Shield glass packages available
  6. environmentally friendly – designed for superior thermal performance and a smaller carbon footprint
  7. contemporary sash for a modern look

With the Gentek Regency 400 Series, the precision-engineered Low-E (low emissivity) glass technology features a virtually clear, metallic coating that acts as a thermal mirror to keep warm air in during the winter and solar heat out during the summer. So when it’s time, get the windows that are both easy on your eyes and your energy budget.

Get Gentek Regency 400 Series and save.

Your Regency 400 windows, which come in our standard colours: Maize, Pebble, Wicker, Sandalwood, Storm, Chestnut Brown and Commercial Brown, are available in a wide variety of custom colours such as: Gentek’s popular Iron Ore, Dark Drift and Venetian Red.

One of the strongest selling points of any home is curb appeal and there is no better way to increase the curb appeal and presentation of your home than with the extraordinary style, quality and colour of Regency 400 windows.

Get the best of everything. Cut down on your energy bills and boost the value and appearance of your home with the newest trend in home fashion and the designer’s touch of coloured Regency 400 Series of windows from Gentek.