6 Stunning Roof Styles and Ideas 

Roofs are often overlooked, but a thoughtful roof design can take your exterior from cookie cutter to complete stand out. While we often think of roofs as functional aspects that keep our home warm and protected, your roof can alter the entire appearance of your home, and even increase its value when it’s time to sell. Read on for 6 stunning roof styles and ideas!

1. Front Gable Roof

Commonly seen in Colonial-style homes, a front gable roof is when there are two roof sections that slope in opposite directions and are usually rectangular in appearance. The roof ridge is in line with the building’s entrance, and the sides slope and meet at the ridge creating a triangular section known as the gable. It’s an increasingly popular design for home architecture today, given its Colonial influence.

2. Dormer Roof 

Dormers contain a window that projects vertically from a traditional pitched roof. They can improve the architectural design of your home and give you more living space inside. If your curb appeal is looking rather bland, a roof dormer can boost visual interest and make it more appealing to buyers if you’re looking to sell down the road. 

3. Butterfly Roof

If you’re going for a totally modern look for your home, a butterfly roof may be just what you’re looking for. It’s characterized by an inversion of a standard roof form, with two roof surfaces that slope down from opposing edges to meet at a valley near the middle of the roof. It emulates the wings of a butterfly with two tandem pieces of roofing angled upwards to form a V-shape. 

4. Bonnet Roof 

Also known as a kicked eaves roof, a bonnet roof looks like a roof on top of a roof. A bonnet roof features a double slope on all four of its sides. The lower slope is less steep and more angular than the upper slope and extends over an open-sided raised porch. It’s a great roof design if you want shade and protection as it provides seamless coverage for a porch.

5. Clerestory Roof 

A clerestory roof is a roof with a vertical wall that sits between the two sloping sides and features a row of windows, or one long continuous window. A clerestory roof is great if you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly home plan. A focus on passive heating and cooling techniques, rather than artificial ones, have brought clerestory roofs back into high demand.

6. Flat Roof

Another roof design that’s popular in modern architecture is the flat roof. The clean geometry of a flat roof makes it a no brainer for a modern style home. They also provide you with more head room inside your home. Flat roofs offer the perfect space for a rooftop garden or patio, giving you even more living space and a gorgeous rooftop aesthetic. This is a great alternative for when you’re entertaining guests or spending time outdoors with your family. 

A beautiful roof goes a long way in transforming your exterior design. These 6 stunning roof ideas are a great place to start!