5 Reasons to Go Bold and Black with Your Home Exterior

There’s a new trend in town. It turns out black is the new black, and bold all-black homes are one of the best ways to make an edgy, cool statement. You may think of black as an ominous and sorrowful shade, but it’s actually a beautiful colour for your home exterior. Black homes are chic, dramatic and incredibly unique. Whether you have a modern, contemporary, Victorian or beach home, you can make a black exterior work for you.

With Gentek’s World of Colour, you can choose any of their siding products to be painted in black or a dark charcoal shade like ‘Iron Ore’ or ‘Graphite’ to get this urban cool look. Here are 5 reasons to go bold and black with your home exterior.

1. Highlight Your Home’s Texture

One of the top benefits of an all-black facade is that it highlights your home’s textures and intracices to really make them pop. When the trim, siding and shutters are all painted the same shade of black, it draws your eyes to every detail of the home. It gives your home character and drama, and will no doubt make a statement on your block.

2. Create Contrast

With a bold, black exterior house colour, you can create contrast with features such as your garage, front door or fence. Perhaps you have natural wood fencing. Jet black will act as a gorgeous contrast. And if you want a little colour for your exterior, paint your front door and/or garage in a shade that both contrasts and complements black. You can also opt for painting your trim in a contrasting colour such as white for a dynamic look.

3. Energy Savings

It’s no secret that most of Canada experiences cold temperatures for the majority of the year. Winters seems to last longer and summers go by quicker each year that goes by.  When it’s cold outside, black paint can help trap the warmth in your home, which allows it to consume little energy and save you extra on heating bills.

4. The Rise of Risk Taking and Empowerment for Homeowners

Traditionally homeowners have played it safe when it comes to colour. White, taupe, dove grey and cream dominate home exteriors, and most people play “by the rules”, save for a pop of colour for their front door. But lately, people are wanting to take their home design into their own hands and are willing to take some risks. You have to be confident to paint the entire exterior of your home black, and homeowners are becoming more confident in themselves and wanting to take charge of their homes. Black is an empowering colour, so go all out!

5. Accentuate Nature

If your exterior is ripe with greenery, gardens and landscaping, black is the perfect backdrop. Against natural surroundings, a black home will take a back seat and allow the green foliage to shine. Your plants and garden will appear lusher, and the eye will be better able to draw distinctions between various shades of green. It’s a great way to accentuate nature and all its glory.

If you’re thinking of making a big change to your home exterior, go bold and black for a beautiful, noteworthy look.