5 Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows & Doors for the Summer

While windows and doors add style, natural light, and security to your home, energy-efficient windows and doors have additional seasonal benefits. Here are five ways that energy-efficient windows and doors can benefit you and your family this summer:

1. Keep Your Home Cool

Energy-efficient windows and doors work as a barrier to keep the warm air outside and the cool air inside your home. Modern windows are excellent insulators and can often be double- or triple-glazed with a Low-E coating to reflect heat. Gentek Vinyl Windows have added protection with an insulated air space between the panes of glass that act as a thermal barrier.

2. Lower Costs

Energy-efficient windows and doors reduce home energy consumption from heating and cooling costs. The less you rely on your HVAC system to cool your home, the more money you can save this summer. Notably, you can get reimbursed up to $5,000 through the Canada Greener Homes Grant when investing in ENERGY STAR®-certified windows and doors.

3. Prevent Interior Sun Damage

Energy-efficient windows can block harmful UV rays from entering your home, which can damage and fade carpet, upholstery, and furniture. The Low-E coating of energy-efficient windows allows natural light to shine in without the intense heat, protecting your home and contents. 

4. Reduce Outside Noise

The special coating on energy-efficient windows and doors binds the elements together tightly, providing effective soundproofing for homes that are close together. Minimize outside noise in the summer months with new windows and doors. Gentek Premium Fiberglass Doors are custom-made for a perfect fit and a tighter seal for greater energy efficiency and soundproofing.

5. Add Curb Appeal

Energy-efficient windows and doors combine beauty and functionality. Available in multiple styles and colours, high-performance vinyl windows and entry doors can enhance your facade. 

Replacing your windows and doors is just one of our summer tips for increasing your home’s energy efficiency. Use the Gentek Visualizer to view stylish, energy-efficient windows and doors on your home and experience the benefits for yourself.