4 Ways to Turn Your House Into a Smart Home

Add ease and convenience to your everyday life with the latest home technology. Equip your household with internet-enabled remote systems that monitor and manage appliances, HVAC systems and your home security. Turn your house into a smart home with these innovations: 

1. Smart Thermostat 

Introduce yourself to smart home devices with an easy-to-install smart thermostat. A Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostat can lower your energy bills, track your energy usage and make your home more energy-efficient. This smart technology can identify heating and cooling issues before they become bigger problems, saving you money in the long run. It also allows you to adjust your thermostat while away and come back to a perfectly cooled or heated home. 

2. Smart Lighting

If you enjoy the convenience of an intelligent thermostat, replace inefficient incandescent light bulbs with smart ones. Easily control, dim and change the colour of the lighting from your smartphone or tablet. You’ll never have to “rock-paper-scissors” again to determine who has to get up and lower the lights when watching a movie. Smart lighting is an energy-efficient option that can add a level of security by allowing you to turn lights on and off when you’re not home. Some systems even allow you to program your lights on a schedule. 

3. Smart Home Security

Secure your home with modern technology. Consider upgrading your front entrance system to include a smart lock with a keypad and a doorbell with a built-in camera. These systems can notify you when someone approaches or enters your home. Smart locks with keypads give  each family member the ability to have his or her own code. You can also set up codes for visitors or house-sitters while you’re away. Many intelligent home security systems offer window and door sensors to detect motion on your property and alert your phone accordingly. 

4. Smart Home Platform 

Streamline your smart home appliances and systems with a centralized smart home platform. An innovative home platform can work as a primary communications hub where you can easily control all of your smart devices in one place.