2019 Interior Design Trends to Try

Wondering what interior trends are here to stay for 2019? One thing to note is trends are sticking around longer than they used to. You don’t have to worry about design features going out of style a year after you buy them, so you can rest assured that any investments you make for your home now will be on trend for years to come. Whether you’re renovating your home for yourself, or are getting ready to put your home on the market, these are the 2019 interior design trends to try!

Coziness Reigns Supreme

You’ve likely heard of the term “hygge”, the Danish word that encompasses a feeling of coziness and wellbeing. It hit the North American design world by storm a few years ago and continues to raise in popularity. Now more than over, homeowners are favouring comfortable furniture, warm colours, lots of throw blankets, rugs, candles and fireplaces. Anything that makes your home feel cozier and conveys a sense of wellbeing is a trend that’s here to stay.

Bold & Eclectic

The bold, eclectic look isn’t for everyone, but if you’re someone who likes to take risks when it comes to design, you’re going to love this trend. Embrace bright accent colours that contrast each other like blues and yellows, paint an eclectic accent wall in deep violet or layer lots of throw blankets and pillows in bright, contrasting shades.

Purposeful Designs

Conscious, purposeful designs are making their case in all spaces, whether you have a tiny apartment or a grand home. A growing number of companies are offering furnishings and features that serve multiple purposes and can be used in more than one room. Think: Wall beds with an integrated writing desk and coffee tables that double as TV trays.

Warm Neutrals

Neutrals are starting to warm up in home interiors. Moving away from stark whites and grays, you’ll now be seeing softer and warmer shades that evoke the feelings of nature and the outdoors. Warm mid grays, feather-like hues and stone shades are subtle and warm, and look beautiful with almost everything. Warm neutral colours are timeless and will work in virtually any room, enhancing other finishes. Pair them with natural elements like refurbished wood, real stones and ceramics.  

Natural Flooring

Dark wood floors were all the rage a few years ago, but we’ve been seeing a decline in this trend and a move toward more natural flooring. Wood floors will continue to stay on the lighter side, with matte finishes making them look even more natural. You’ll also notice the rise of tile and vinyl floors made to look convincingly like real wood.

Mixed Metallics

Mixing metallics such as gold, brass and silver is officially on trend. For one thing, it can be tough to find the perfect metal match for hardware in your kitchen and bathrooms, and for another, mixing metallics can seriously up the glam factor of your space. With the right balance and combination, multiple metallics can create a luxurious look.

Ready to try these 2019 interior design trends? Use this list to implement year’s best trends into your home!

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