10 Ways to Landscape without Grass

You don’t have to have grass to have a beautiful landscape. The things is, lawns come with significant maintenance, and a lot of homeowners just don’t have time for upkeep. Many are opting for grass-free landscapes that are easy on the eye, and even easier on the maintenance. Even if you’re not concerned about upkeep, perhaps you want a yard that has a little more personality than the standard grass lawn. Whatever your motivation, here are 10 ways to landscape without grass.

1. Urban Courtyard

Not all homes are suited for grass, especially in the backyard. If your home teeters towards contemporary/urban style, create a courtyard that compliments that vibe. Consider using narrow pavers and pebbles in gray tones, and adding tall planters to convey the urban feel.

2. Stepping Stones

Create a stunning walkway by adding mulch and stone pavers from the driveway up to the entry of your home. Incorporate plants of different sizes to add a dash of colourful appeal to your landscape!

3. Countryside Courtyard

If your home has charming, country vibes, create a courtyard that enhances your design style. Include a stone walkway with gorgeous plants and flowers, and consider incorporating a courtyard centerpiece such as a fountain to draw the eye of everyone who walks through.

4. Tapestry of Plants

Instead of having a high-maintenance lawn in your front yard, why not remove the grass and replace it with shrubs and perennials? This requires less time and effort from you as they need less water than a lawn would, and also creates an eye-catching yard that will stop people in their tracks!

5. Backyard Retreat

Not every family needs a backyard where they can kick soccer balls around and play fetch with their dog. If your family’s needs are more about relaxation, create a backyard oasis with stone pavers as the foundation. Add pieces like an outdoor fireplace surrounded by comfy chairs, and a table you can dine at. Add visual appeal with planters and a garden for the ultimate backyard retreat.

6. Add a Waterfall

If you have natural stone in your backyard (or are planning to add it in), why not add a feature waterfall to elevate the space that’s lacking grass? It’s a unique way to implement beauty into to your yard and home overall.

7. Statement Pool

If you have a gorgeous pool in your backyard, there’s definitely no need for grass. Install a custom shape pool with beautiful patio pavers around it. You can also play around with various seating options around the pool, and plant trees and shrubs to add some texture.

8. Edible Plantings

What could be better than having a yard full of edible plants that you can eat and cook/bake into meals? Create a garden with your favourite edible plants, from berries to beans to peppers, cabbage, tomatoes and herbs. It may be a little more maintenance, but will save you money at the grocery store!

9. Traffic-Stopping Walkway

Add charm to a concrete walkway with brick pavers, and dress it up with flowers along the walkway in various colours. This is a great way to bring various hues into your landscape. Make sure they compliment your exterior for a home that comes together perfectly.

10. Woodland Garden

A woodland garden is a charming way to add visual appeal to your backyard. Use stone for the patio and walkway, and foliage plants and flowering plants of different heights to create texture and colour for a woodland garden that stuns.

No grass in your landscape? No problem! Use these ideas to landscape without grass and get the gorgeous exterior you’ve been dreaming of!