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Which siding will look best on our home?


Patrick asks: “Here are two pictures of my home. Can you please make suggestions for siding choices that will make it look its best?”



I would suggest that you stay with earth tone colours to best match the colours of your stone work.

A Novik or a Foundry Stone siding for the front extension around the front door would tie nicely into the stone foundation.  From there I would suggest an earth tone like our new Monterey Sand or even a Pebble in a Board and Batten for the rest of the siding around the house. Pebble would make a nice trim colour for the Monterey Sand if that was your choice, or you could try Almond as trim if you choose to go with Pebble siding.


In the back gable, I would recommend using a horizontal siding in the same colour as the rest of the house.

If you upload your photos to the MyDesign Home Studio Software, you’ll be able to have an effective virtual look at how these colour combinations will look together.

We’ve chosen our Gentek siding colour, can you help us visualize our choices?


Cheyenne asks:
“Hello I was wondering if we could get some advice on our exterior and an idea of what it will look like! We are doing gentek pebble siding and shakes with commercial brown trim and Black Isle del mare ledge stone.”




We have prepared for you an illustration* of the colour scheme of your home with the product information and colours you supplied. As you can see from the drawing, these two colours have a great contrast and they create a nice modern look.

My recommendation would be that your garage door be as close to the Pebble colours as you may not want your garage door to be a focal point. For your front door, you might want to go with a 3rd colour option – potentially a red or black.  The front door is generally used to add that splash of colour and design to your home, and can be an important focal point of the home.

*Please note this is our best representation of the colour using computer graphics and cmyk conversions to the actual colour.  The final result may be different than generated here in this mock up illustration. Since every computer screen is different, please print out this drawing for a truer representation of the colours shown. 

Can you please offer some advice on what colour I should select for my siding?


John asks:
“Here is a picture of my home. Can you please offer some advice on what colour I should select for my siding?”



If you intend to keep the brown deck and shutters, I would suggest a Sandalwood or Almond colour shade for the most pleasing match.

If you are willing to change the shutter colours, the options widen. You could then go with a Wicker or Clay colour to create a contrast and add Almond or Cream as an accent with the shutters, eaves and door.

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