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Which grey tone would best highlight the white on our house?


Joanie asks:
Hello, we are going to build our house soon and we must choose our siding. We are hesitating between a few colours. Our main entrance door, windows, window trims, and the double fascia will all be white. We would like to find a siding colour that would highlight the white. We are hesitating among 3 choices of colors: Dover Grey, Storm, Midnight Surf. They are all shades of grey, but we would like to know if it would be possible to see and get an idea of what they would look like on our actual house for each colour. Would it otherwise be possible to see images of other houses done in each of these colours, to better guide us in our final choice. In addition, we have the choice between the Concord and the Sequoia Select. Is it possible for you to tell us any additional benefits with the Sequoia Select? Thanks and have a nice day!


We have prepared for you an illustration* of the colour scheme of your home using Storm, Dover Grey and Midnight Surf. The darker the grey you choose, the more the white will stand out.  The colour Storm would definitely emphasize white. Dover Grey is a much lighter grey and the contrast will not be as significant and may not be as noticeable.   Midnight Surf is actually more of a blue colour, and using white as the trim will just make the blue more enhanced.  I suggest you consider Windswept Smoke instead of Midnight Surf.  Below is an image of the Windswept Smoke on our Pinterest Board.

I would suggest you use the MyDesign Home Studio to look at the Dover Grey and Storm with White trim, which you can access via this link:

As for the difference between Sequoia Select and Concord – Windswept Smoke is part of our Designer Dark Colours offering, which is only available in Sequoia Select. Sequoia Select is our thicker panel and it is made to withstand hurricane force winds. The thicker panel will stand up better on the wall.

Dover Grey is available in Concord and Sequoia Select and Storm is available in Concord (not Sequoia Select). Concord is our most popular brand and is value priced.

Midnight Surf

*Please note this is our best representation of the colour using computer graphics and cmyk conversions to the actual colour.  The final result may be different than generated here in this mock up illustration. Since every computer screen is different, please print out this drawing for a truer representation of the colours shown.

How do we match the various exterior colours of our home?


Hugo asks:
Hello, we are building our new house and we’re currently at a standstill… We want to match the siding colours, but we had to make some quick decisions for shingles and windows. Currently, we have a BP Everest Brown stone colour shingle and white windows. The entrance door and roof ventilation are black. We want to frame the windows, add Novik or cedar shingles in the gables and stone at the bottom of the walls. The exterior siding is Canexel. Originally, we really liked the Sierra colour, but we are wondering how to match or harmonise everything… What colour for our fascia, our door/window frames, our stone… Should we change the colour from Canexel… To sum it up, we need help. Thanks in advance.


The Sierra CanExel colour is a great colour.  We would suggest that you pick a Novik cedar shake colour that is similar to the Sierra – maybe Harvest Brown.  We would also choose a darker stone colour – something dark grey and then choose black for your soffit, fascia and trims.   This would tie everything together.

We would love to see a picture of your finished home. Good Luck.

How Many Textures Is Too Many?


Kathryn asks:
Our home is white brick (I believe it is called angel stone), with typical heavy black detailing: shutters and shingles. The gables ends and dormers are white siding. We are hoping to try something less contrasting. We just re-shingled the house with Timberline Canadian Driftwood, and we’re planning on ordering the soffit, fascia, and eaves in Sable. We’re thinking of using a Hardie board in Timber bark — either Board & Batten or shake for the gables and dormers — but we’re not sure if we should choose something lighter up top. We also have to replace all the windows in the house — would Sable work with both the Timber bark and the white brick?

Also, we’ve added a large portico to the front of the house, but are unsure about what to use on the facing of it. Will the darker shake stand out too much? Should we choose something lighter? How many different textures should you use on the exterior of a house to keep it interesting, but not too busy? This is the first time we’ve ever renovated a house so any advice would definitely be greatly appreciated! Thanks!




From the photos and information you have provided, it looks like the roof will be a black tone. We would recommend that you try Sable or Windswept Smoke as your soffit, fascia and gutter colour.  They are quite similar, although Sable is a brown tone and Windswept Smoke is more of a true grey.

In our opinion, Board & Batten would make a better aesthetic match for the dormers.  We feel the shake would look too busy in combination with the brick.

As for the new portico at the front of the house, you have a decision to make. If you want it to stand out, go with a darker colour. If you want it to blend with the house, we would suggest a more subtle colour that is closer to the tone of the brick. From your photo, it appears that the portico is going to be quite large and will definitely be an important feature of your home’s exterior, so the dark colour might be the right choice to emphasize this attractive addition.

We would love to see a picture of the house when the renovation is complete.

Choosing a Metal Arch for our Front Porch


Manjari asks:
Hello, We have a wooden arch in the front porch that has rotted because of a leak in the balcony directly above. We have got the leaking balcony fixed and are now looking to change the arch completely with metal. We are told that if we use metal we will lose the arch and will have to go with a straight look. Is it possible to keep the arch? Any suggestions?


There are no machines on the market that can bend aluminum or steel into an arch.  We suggest you try Azek Trims instead because these products can be manipulated and bent into shapes.

Visit their website at

Exterior colours for our home


Betty asks:
We are trying to choose colours for the eavestrough, soffit, fascia, garage door, breezeway and front screen door. We are strongly considering Gentek pebble kaki #559 for the eavestrough & fascia. Our soffits are quite deep. We are wondering if we should go with a colour that is in between #559 and our window colour, or match the window colour. We have a lot of shade, we are concerned we may have less reflective light coming in our windows if we go too dark for the soffits. We would be painting the garage door (and surrounding trim), breezeway and front screen door, they are all stained/clearcoated wood. We think we will match #559 Gentek pebble kaki for the paint colour. The roof will be redone soon, most likely with shingles as seen in the photo. The rear of the house is full brick, the same clay pot /orange colour as shown surrounding the garage door. Any suggestions you may have are most welcome and appreciated!




We have prepared for you an illustration* of the colour scheme of your home with the product information and colours you supplied. We suggest Pebble as a pleasing choice of trim colour for your home.  It is difficult to tell by the picture, but it appears that your windows are white or a very light beige. We would not match the window colour, as this would create too great a contrast with the roof.

Pebble would offer a good blend with the potential roof colour and the current brick on the home. It is neutral and works well with all three colours – the two brick tones and the roof. The windows would then be a focus of the home because their white colour would make them stand out. You want the windows to visually pop more than the eaves and garage door.

We would love to see a picture of your home after the project is complete to post on our site.


*Please note this is our best representation of the colour using computer graphics and cmyk conversions to the actual colour.  The final result may be different than generated here in this mock up illustration. Since every computer screen is different, please print out this drawing for a truer representation of the colours shown.

Choosing siding for our 1900s-era Home


Heather asks:

We will be siding our circa-1910 home in the next month or so. As much as we love the wood siding, it has been neglected for too many years to salvage. We also have a new addition on the back which doesn’t have siding at present. We’d like to retain as much of the home’s character as we can — wider window trim etc. I’m not sure that keeping the half shingle/half clapboard look will be in our budget. Our contractor has steered us towards the Driftwood siding.

Colours we like include Juniper Grove (although we haven’t seen a sample yet), Storm or Pebble. I am having a hard time imagining the house with vinyl so any recommendations would be welcome. Thank you!












Our Driftwood siding is our value brand of siding. It has all of the benefits of vinyl siding but is economically priced.

Juniper Grove is a newer colour for us, launched in the middle of last year. It is a very contemporary green earth tone. We also offer the Sage in the same colour tone, but it is a bit darker.  Pebble and Storm are our #1 and #2 colours and there are a lot of options for trim colour. We have attached a shot of a home with Pebble siding and Sable trim colours (soffit, fascia and trims). This combination is a popular choice.

We are not sure what your budget is, but there is also the option to use a shingle-looking vinyl product that is more cost-effective and virtually maintenance-free. We carry a product by a company called Foundry, which makes a product closely resembling cedar shake. Check out the link below to see it.  This product is available in Pebble and Storm.

If you have the budget, you could put the cedar shake product on the top and the traditional siding on the bottom in the same colour.

All the best with your exterior renovation!

Foundry Cedar Shake Siding on the top and traditional siding on the bottom.

Help us Renovate the Exterior of our Home


Monique asks:
We want to renovate the entire exterior of the house, except for the windows and doors (which are white). The facade is made of bricks which we want to keep, and cedar shingles that we wish to change. The siding of the other three walls is white Masonite so we want to change those to vinyl siding.

The roof is to be redone and we want to install the ‘architectural’ shingles. Now, our dilemma is how to choose the color of the shingles and of vinyl siding. I also thought to replace the façade’s cedar shingles by vinyl.  We also want to build a roof for the balcony with two white columns. (Where picturemy spouse is standing in the photo). The roof will have three sides. Next year we want to put in a structure in fiberglass on our balconies and staircases, so we need to pick colours that will fit the new exterior colour as well. Thanks in advance for your advice.  I already hired my contractor but he is waiting for my colour choices.



From your photos it appears there is a pink tone in the bricks, and because of this we would choose Sandalwood as your siding colour. In our opinion, it would blend nicely with the bricks. Sandalwood is available in traditional vinyl as well as the cedar shake siding that you mentioned.

As for the roof shingles, again we would choose an earthy tone that has a beige or pink hue to it.  We are not sure which roofing shingles manufacturer you will be using, but most have these tones available.

Sandalwood is a very popular colour in the exterior siding industry so you will be able to find this colour next year for sure.

We hope this helps your decision.

Colour Choices for your Home’s Exterior


Barb asks:
Our house has:

  • Traditional Shake, pebble above garage door and around bay window
  • Horizontal siding upper story in Pebble
  • Soffits fascia trough windows and shutters Aluminum in Sable

What are your thoughts on these colour choices? Some windows in the back have already been replaced and are white. Can we cap the brickmold in Sable?

Our garage door has to stay as is, as the brick has quite a bit of orange in it that is not really obvious in this photo.

Barb's Question


The combination of Pebble and Sable is very popular and for good reason! They look great together. Having a traditional Shake in the gable will add an impressive accent to the front of your home as well.

We suggest you consider the Soffit, Fascia, Trough and Window capping in Sable to enhance the overall cohesive look of your home.

If you decide to change or paint your garage door, we would suggest Pebble here as well. A contrasting colour, such as Sable, would make the garage door too much of a main focal feature in our opinion.

Please be sure to send us a photo of your finished home. We would love to show our readers the transformation you’ve accomplished. Enjoy working with colour!

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