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Looking for advice


Joey asks:

We are thinking we would put the hand-split cedar shake siding ( installed on the front of the house where there is currently the Tudor-style wood trim.  On the back, we think the hand-split cedar shake in the peak of the addition, board & batten style in the middle and trimmed separation.  We are going to have stone installed on the bottom part of the addition, so the board & batten will do the top half and then the hand-split cedar shake in the peak.

Joey 2

Joey 1

Joey 3


I agree with your use of siding options for the new home.  This is a very common configuration of the walls.  The board and batten siding will create a classic look on the home that will not look outdated in years to come.  The stone on the bottom of the home will create some different textures to the home.

Window colour decided on Gentek’s Iron Ore


Jason asks:
We are building a new home and have already ordered our window colour which we decided on Gentek’s Iron Ore. We were also thinking of using Iron Ore for the Eave’s, front door and garage. Do you think Gentek’s Windswept smoke board and batten style siding would be a nice contrast? The front lower third will be a natural stone with grey highlights and we are thinking of doing a natural wood stain for the front porch posts.

Jason 1

Jason 2


If you are looking for a contrast, I think using Windswept Smoke would work, but I would suggest that you try to incorporate some other lighter neutral colours into the home as well.  Both of these colours, Iron Ore and Windswept Smoke are quite dark.  When you chose your stone, make sure it has some brown or neutral tones in it to add some other colours into the mix.

Brick is mossy oak


Angie asks:

We are building new home and looking for colour suggestions. The brick is mossy oak. We are considering the pebble coloured window trim. There is also some vinyl siding on the gable ends. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

Angie 1

Angie 2


To bring the look of the home together, I would do the siding and the gable ends in Pebble.  This will bring the look of the home together.

Would you add an accent colour?


Iqbal asks:

  1. What siding, soffit, facia and eavestrough colours would you recommend for our home?
  2. Would siding, soffit, facia and eavestrough in one colour – canyon clay work with white windows?, if yes, what front door colour would you recommend?
  3. Would you add an accent colour, and if yes, where?

Iqbal 1


For your home, I would recommend that you go with Pebble for the siding and Sable for the Soffit, Fascia and Eavestroughing. Wicker would look okay, but the look would not be much different from your existing look.  Pebble is a bit darker and would give a different look.  As for the front door, I would go dark like Black or Dark Grey to add in some accent colour.

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Update the upper part of my house


Sandy asks

Hello, I’m planning to update the upper part of my house -with a combination of vinyl shingles (Grayne in Cape Grey) on the gables, and replacing existing siding with either board and batten, or horizontal vinyl siding around the entire house in a matching gray colour. I would like to also trim all the windows in white and add white corner posts on all 4 sides. My question is: what material should be used to replace the gable/fascia boards? Should this be aluminum, or PVC? Right now it is aluminium in the same blue colour as the gutters & downspouts, which I also plan to change to match the rest of the house in white. Photo 2  is an inspirational photo of the white trim /gable boards I’m interested in. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you.

Sandy 1

Sandy 2


To give you the look I think you desire, I would replace your siding with Board and Batten over the horizontal siding.  As for the gables, I would use a PVC product to keep the same look. Aluminum, would give a different texture and shine that I do not think would look good with the Grayne product you are looking at.

Bring this home back to 2016


Gary asks:
Hi, Please help with some ideas to bring this home back to 2016! Please ignore the statues and water fountain in front as it is being removed. White vinyl windows and light gray roof was replaced in 2015 so they will be staying. White vinyl siding is perfect condition and it very clean so I am looking for ideas to work with what I have. I am willing to remove/replace the front door, gray fascia, gray shutters. I am thinking of some, a lot or all stone for the front! Along with 2 pillars holding front porch either in stone or custom wood work. Can you please make some suggestions on what will work with the light gray shingles and white siding! Thanks

Gary 1

Gary 2


Dark colours are in right now, especially dark greys.  I would replace your soffit, fascia and shutters with Gentek’s Iron Ore colour to start.  If you were willing to add some stone work to the front of the home, I would suggest some stone with both light and dark grey tones in it to add some dimension and style to the home. I would put the stone about 1/3 of the way up the first level of the home.  I like the idea of the pillars for the front but maybe go with some dark coloured aluminum or wood ones.  As for the front door, I would go with something like Black or be bold and go red to make it the focal point of the home.

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Building a new home and trying to decide on the exterior colors


Robin asks:
Hi there, I hope you are able to help us. We are building a new home and trying to decide on the exterior colors of our home. Our shed was built first and we went with Gentek Dark drift with white trim and white doors however, I do wish to use dark drift and white trim on our home but would also like a darker color on it as well. The sample picture has a horizontal siding, vertical siding, shake siding, and we wish to use novi stone siding as well as shown in the picture. We are also going with black shutters. Can you please give me a suggestion of what other darker color I should use and where on the house? Should we go with a pebble color shake where the shake is visible on the picture and your expert opinion where we should put the dark drift would be appreciated? Also, if you are able to suggest the novi stone color and mold that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Oh, our shingles are Mirage – Sandlewood.

Suggestions on window trims and vents. Could you also point in the right direction there as well.

Saw the pebble color online and it seems too dark for the shake location on the house. I’m thinking that area of the house should be lighter. What do you think? Thank you.

Robin 1


If you are looking to add a colour which is darker than Dark Drift, you would need to go with Gentek’s Iron Ore.  The grey and the dark brown will look good together and I think that Pebble would not be too dark in the shake.  It is hard to get the sense of what the colours look like online. You need to see actual samples.  I would use a stone that has both grey and brown tones in it like Brownstone and use Iron Ore for the siding and then Pebble for the Shake.  I think you will be happy with the combination.  As for the window trims, I might suggest you use Dark Drift to create some contrast.

Sylvette asks


Sylvette asks:

1. Iron ore of siding instead of where the white i would put sandstone

2. Iron ore instead of white siding under window i would put dover gray and dover grey on the face where my front door is.

3. Iron ore and instead of the white siding i would put willow saule and the face of my front door .

sylvette 1

sylvette 2


The only thing I might change is that I would go with Storm instead of Dover Grey.  I think you need to go with something a bit darker than Dover Grey to look best.

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