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Purchased a home built in 1934


I have purchased a home built in 1934, typically called American Square. We would like to transform the exterior to reflect a Tudor style in keeping with the rest of the neighbourhood. We are doing a complete renovation and all of the windows and doors (interior and exterior) will be replaced. The front porch will also be reduced in size and the front facade changed. Attached are pictures of existing home, and I have the plans for the interior/exterior renovation in a PDF file which I can also provide. We would like the front exterior to Tudor style The back exterior and inside will be modern/contemporary. What do you suggest for window and door styles and colours?

Bav 1

Bav 2

Bav 3


If you wanted to create the look of tudor style home, I suggest that you go with dark brown windows and a dark brown door to help create the contrast look that you see on a tudor home.   I would go with a simple style door, without decorative glass.  For the windows, I would not include any grids or you will change the look of the home.

What colour would you suggest?


Claudine asks:
We will be replacing the eavestrough in the Spring and would like to go with a windswept smoke as the colour or stay in the grey tones – sick of the taupe, brown colours – will also be replacing our front door and garage door to match.  (Sorry only picture is of the back of the house).  What colour would you suggest?

Claudine 1


I like Windswept Smoke with your brick colour you could also try Gentek’s Sable colour as an option for your soffit, fascia and eaves. It is a grey colour that has some brown undertones that would blend well with the brick.

Update the cedar siding of our house


Kelly asks:
Hi,  I would like to update the cedar siding of our house. I was thinking of staining it dark brown and then add stone on the lower half.  The windows are white. Maybe cap the trim?

Any other suggestions for updating the exterior?

Kelly 1


Some nice ideas to update your home. If you wanted to go further, I would suggest you cap/trim the windows in a darker brown and then change the door up to a different colour completely to make it a focal point.  Maybe black or go lighter like Gentek’s Pebble colour to lighten the look.

At a loss for picking a colour for the doors


We will be installing new windows and doors (including garage door). I’m at a loss for picking a colour for the doors – including garage door. The vinyl siding is, I believe, Gentek Maize. The roof is green. The brick is “red”. Soffits are white as are the gutters and downspouts. Can you help?

Olga 1


If you wanted to go with a colour for your windows, I would suggest you go with a neutral tone like Gentek’s Almond or Wicker.  Either of these colours will look good with the Maize siding as well as the red brick. I would also suggest that you change the shutters to match the window colour. As for the front door, I would suggest something darker like Gentek’s Pebble or Dark Drift to make it a focal point. For the garage door, I would stick with a dark colour like you have now, so it does not stand

Using a horizontal vinyl siding


Michael asks:

Using a horizontal vinyl siding. looking for colour choices for vinyl and alum soffits. was thinking to be in the grey\’s but any suggestions are cool Thanks

Michael 1

Michael 2

Michael 3


If you are looking for grey tones, Gentek has a couple of nice ones.  Windswept Smoke and Iron Ore are two of our most popular colours.  You could combine either of these colours with a more neutral tone to give a modern look.  Something like Pebble or Dark Drift would look great with either of these grey tones.

I do not want anything green or green like at all!


Sarah asks:

Question:   Sarah    We’ve selected Iron Ore for the main colour of our siding with the accents, soffit, fascia and eaves done in Windswept Smoke. I’ve looked at physical samples and like the colours against our brick. I’m trying to select a colour of vinyl shake style to go into the triangle above the garage to give it more interest. I tried to use mydesign home studio to run through option but this just scared me as the Iron Ore in that program looks hunter green – – is Iron Ore intended to have green undertones…..I thought it was supposed to be a very dark grey?? I’d like to confirm that before I make my final decision. I do not want anything green or green like at all! Thank you!

Sarah 1


Iron Ore is definitely a dark grey.  We always advise that you do not make final decisions based on online colour swatches. Screen resolutions vary by machine and are not exact matches.

Looking for a soft colour that would compliment brick


Robert asks:
We have old 8″ white aluminum siding and want to replace. Considering siding that is wide as possible to minimize number of lines. What would you recommend. Also, may consider scallop at peaks at front of house and then traditional siding below. Looking for a soft colour that would compliment brick, and have trim in white. Also, at the rear I have 4 windows that protrude with capping, and want to add insulation there anyway; could that bring the siding out enough so windows are more flush with siding?

Robert 3a

Robert 2 a

Robert 1 a


In your case, I would suggest you go with a colour like Pebble to compliment the brick and give you a more modern look.  A vertical board and batten profile would minimize the lines and give you an entirely different look.  As for the windows in the back, it would really depend on the amount that the siding would have to come out and the thickness of the insulation board that you chose.  You would need to talk to your installer about that and have him measure the area to be sure.

Exposed to a lot of sunlight all afternoon long


Sylvia asks
Hello, I have a Canadiana home which is exposed to a lot of sunlight all afternoon long. I recently got a new Garaga garage and Novatech main door but feel I made a huge mistake in my colour selection (Gentek Amber and Almond trims). My original intention was to leave the rest of the Sikkens Cetol 1 and 23 finished wood windows, trims and porch intact. I am open to all suggestions. The roof will retain forest green as it is still in good condition. Thanks in advance for your help.

Sylvia 1

Sylvia 2


If you are looking for a different colour for your door, why not go with green tone to tie in the roof.  I might suggest Gentek’s Moonlit Moss or Juniper Grove and leave the Almond as the trim.  I think this would bring everything together for the home.

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