Your Home, Your Style, Your Colours

Choosing colour combinations for your siding and trim/accessories is very much a personal decision. Some people are very clear on what they want, while others have difficulty picturing how colours on a swatch or sample will look in real life on their home. To help spark your creative process, Gentek is pleased to offer some thoughts on architectural styles of homes and the most popular colour combinations that will make their attributes shine.



Clean and cool are the watchwords for this home category. Modern and contemporary homes tend to have less adornment, but are striking thanks to their sleek lines and artistic appeal. Style choices include bold contrasts that deliver a lively, chic vibe, or tone-on-tone combinations that project tranquility, elegance and sophistication.

Most Popular Colour Combinations:

Venetian Red Siding/Pebble Trim and Accessories

Moonlit Moss Siding/Monterey Sand Trim and Accessories


This category of home style is broad and popular, encompassing everything from colonial homes and Tudor mansions to quaint country farmhouses. The common thread is refined lines and graceful curves paired with detailed accents and complementary colours.

Most Popular Colour Combinations:

Iron Ore Siding/ White Trim and Accessories

Linen Siding/ Midnight Surf Trim and Accessories

Small Spaces/Big Spaces

GTK_Space_Blog_Feb13Smart colour choices can have a big effect on smaller spaces.  An exterior colour palette of similar tones offers the visual trick of making a small home appear larger. Using a bold hue on the front door adds drama to a cohesive colour scheme. For larger spaces, options abound. Whether you prefer a monochromatic palette, complementing hues or contrasting shades, consider the most prominent architectural details, such as a front porch, dormers or decorative shutters. Remember that shingles, stone masonry or brick accents all impact the finished look.

Most Popular Colour Combinations:

Small Spaces — Pebble Siding/Sable Trim and Accessories

Big Spaces — Espresso Siding/Almond Trim and Accessories


GTK_Urban_Blog_Feb13Inner city and mixed-use communities lend themselves to creativity in home exterior designs. Personality and individual style reign free in areas where homes range from refined upscale to relaxed bohemian. Suburban neighbourhoods often tend towards established, local styles and colour trends. Individual looks emerge, but there’s more emphasis on harmony with surrounding homes and aesthetics.

Most Popular Colour Combinations:

Urban: Venetian Red Siding/ Black Trim and Accessories

Suburban: Espresso Siding/ Antique Ivory Trim and Accessories

That’s our advice: Now take your own personal style and make your home’s exterior sing!