Work from Home? Build a Backyard Office Shed!

Working from home is the ideal situation for most people, but sometimes working inside your house can be really distracting. You notice the floors need vacuuming, the dishes need to be cleaned, and snacking becomes your part time job. That’s why having a separate office shed in the backyard is the best of both worlds! It provides you with a comfortable space where you can focus on your work, and you don’t have fight rush hour to go into an actual office.

When it comes to planning for an outdoor office shed, you can think of it as a mini-home. You’ll need materials such as siding, trim, windows and a door. Here’s what you need to take into consideration when building a backyard office shed:

1. Choose Your Siding

Deciding on your siding is one of the most exciting parts of designing your backyard office shed! With a world of siding possibilities to choose from at Gentek, you can create the office of your dreams. Perhaps you’ll opt for vinyl siding, offering exceptional beauty, durability and low maintenance. Or maybe you’ll go with fiber cement siding for a sleek, upscale look. And don’t forget to look through all the specialty siding options we have at Gentek! You just may find something you didn’t know about that you absolutely love.

2. Decide on Windows

Your office shed doesn’t necessarily need to have windows, but if you’re going to be working from it on a daily basis, you’re likely going to want some natural light coming in. A closed in shed is better suited for garden tools and storage. At Gentek, we have a huge selection of windows that will meet your office shed design and comfort needs! You’ll get effective energy efficient and low maintenance windows for an office you’ll love stepping into everyday!

3. Select a Door

Your door is an important part of your office shed, acting as the one and only entryway to your space. You may opt for double swing garden doors, or a solid door for privacy. If you don’t want to go with windows for your shed, but still want natural light, consider a door with a window or a fully glass door. There are plenty of door options to choose from at Gentek, so once you decide on your design, the world is your oyster!

4. It’s Time for Trim

Give your backyard office shed some character with trim! You can add detail at the roofline, give your windows some dimension, and add some beautifully crafted corners. These little accents will give your office shed personality and flair! At Gentek we offer shakes, scallops, and an array of decorative accents and trim, so you can get creative with your design.

5. Your Colour Scheme

With Gentek’s World of Colour, you can create any colour scheme you want for your backyard office shed! Maybe you’ll opt for a classic all white exterior with black accents on the windows and doors. Or perhaps you want more of a oceanside vibe with an all-over shade like ‘pacific blue’. Whatever feel you want for your office shed, we have a world of colour at Gentek!

If you work from home, a backyard office shed may be the answer to all your problems! Use these steps to design the office of your dreams!