Winter’s Still Here: How to Create Cozy Indoor Space to Chase the Chill Away

Canadian winters always seem to be never-ending. The one great thing about cold weather? Getting to cozy up inside! Creating an interior that exudes warmth and comfort is the best way to chase away the winter chill. From switching up your lighting to updating your bedding, here are 7 ways to create a cozy indoor space!

1. Upgrade Your Curtains

You may not realize it, but curtains can make a huge difference to the feel and aesthetic of your interior. Switch out your summery translucent panels for heavier fabric such as thick or lined drapes. Opt for drapes in deep tones that complement the rest of your decor – they’re sure to add warmth to any room!

2. Invest in New Windows

New windows are one of the best ways to increase the physical warmth of your space. If you’ve noticed your old windows aren’t working like they used to and are letting drafts in, it may be time to invest in replacement windows. All of Gentek’s vinyl windows are Energy Star rated, so along with killing the draft, they’ll also save you money on energy bills!

3. Add Area Rugs

Area rugs instantly add physical and psychological warmth to a space. They ensure your feet don’t get cold while you’re walking around your home and also cut down on drafts. Place one beneath your bed for when you wake up in the morning, and in any room that’s asking for some extra coziness.

4. Update Your Bedding

Your bed should be as warm and cozy as possible to ensure you get a good night’s sleep throughout the chilly season. Cotton sheets may be great for spring and summer, but for winter, update your bedding with heavier textiles! Cotton flannel, velvet flannel and heavy weight Egyptian cotton sheets are all great options to up the comfort level of your bedroom.

5. Substitute with Jewel Tones

The colours in your indoor space can also make a huge impact on how the space feels. Switch out warm weather decor for deep jewel coloured accessories and fabrics to make your rooms feel as cozy as possible. Use the furniture you can’t switch out (like couches and tables) as the base and choose warm, jewel shades for pieces like throw pillows, rugs and vases, that compliment those objects!

6. Switch Up Your Lighting

Since the winter season comes with less sunlight, increase your home’s lighting by utilizing your floor and table lamps. A good winter lighting tip is to avoid recessed or ceiling lights as much as possible, instead opting for targeted lighting that fills the room. Think: The lamps on the tables beside your sofa or candelabras on your console table.

7. Add in Natural Accents

Adding natural accents like a wooden trunk in your bedroom or wicker baskets in your living room will help your rooms look cozy and stylish, and will also ensure all your clutter is stored away. With the addition of more accessories like throw pillows and blankets for the winter season, it’s important to have trendy storage pieces to keep your home tidy and clutter-free!

Looking to enhance the coziness of your home? Use these 7 tips to chase the winter chill away!

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