Who Needs Artificial Grass? And How to Pick The Best Kind For You!

When you think of artificial grass, do visions of sports fields pop into your head?  Many sports arenas opt to use artificial grass over real grass since it’s more affordable and easier to maintain, but people have started using it for their lawns at home as well! It’s a great option if you have children or pets, live in a well-shaded area, or reside in a location that gets little rain. Here’s how to pick the best type of artificial grass for you!

What is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass, or artificial turf is a surface of synthetic fibers with a firm, yet flexible base, that’s made to look and feel like real grass. There are a number of benefits of using artificial grass for your lawn. It’s low-maintenance (it doesn’t need to be cut or watered), affordable, and many brands contain an antibacterial that prevents the spread of germs and bacteria, so your kids and pets can play on artificial grass without worrying about pesticides and other chemicals!

Do You Need Artificial Grass?

So who needs artificial grass? There are a number of factors that make artificial grass ideal for certain homeowners.

1. If You Live in an Area With Lots of Shade

Shaded areas cause major issues with real lawns, but are perfect for artificial turf. Whereas real grass will dry up and die if it doesn’t get sunlight, artificial grass requires no direct sunlight at all. It maintains its colour with or without sunlight and water.

2. If You Have Children and Pets

Artificial grass is also ideal if you have children and pets. As we mentioned above, you don’t have to worry about pesticides, fertilizers and other toxic chemicals used to maintain your lawn. There’s also no need to worry about grass stains with artificial turf.

3. If You Live in an Area That Gets Little Rain

No water is needed to maintain artificial grass, so if you live in an area that gets little rain, it may be a good bet for you. The only water it requires is the occasional rinse off to prevent odors and dust build-up, but you can do that easily with your garden hose.

How to Pick The Best Artificial Grass For You

If you’ve decided that artificial grass is the right choice for you, it’s time to pick the best type for your lifestyle (believe it or not, there are lots of different types of artificial grass!). Here are four tips to help you figure out the perfect match for your yard.

1. Quality

You want to make sure you choose top quality artificial grass. Well-made synthetic grass is made out of polypropylene, polyamide, polyethylene yarns or a mixture of all three. It will also be evenly backed, have consistent colour throughout, and contain well stitched tufts.

2. Blade Length

The recommended blade length for artificial grass is 30-37mm. This length ensures your lawn looks well maintained, and that it’s not too long, causing it to bend over and flatten out over time.

3. Backing and Infill

There are a number of different infill types for synthetic grass to keep it bouncy and resilient. Sand and gravel are often used for infill, as well as other materials. When it comes to backing, polyurethane or latex are used. Use polyurethane if you live in an area with high heat, since it doesn’t expand and contract. This will keep it from causing bubbles and tears.

4. Colour

When it comes to the colour of your artificial grass, choose a combination of shades of green. This will keep it from sticking out and looking too fake among the real grass lawns on your street. Varying shades of green with some brown flecks will make your lawn look more natural.

If you think artificial grass is a good option for you and your lifestyle, use these tips to pick the best kind for you!