Where to Place Your Plants: Shade Vs. Sun? It Matters

Placing plants in your home can bring joy and life to your space. But not all plants are easy to care for, and if you’re not sure whether your plants need sun or shade, they’re not going to last long. Some homeowners buy plants thinking lots of sun and water will do the trick, but it’s important to educate yourself on how to look after your plants properly if you want them to flourish.

Most plants are happiest in indirect light, but there are a few plants that thrive in sunlight. These plants love having plenty of light, so will grow best in rooms with lots of natural sunlight from windows. The level of water, humidity and sunlight required varies among plants, but as long as you do your research, your plants are sure to thrive!

Benefits of Houseplants

Along with looking great in your home, houseplants also come with health benefits. They reduce carbon dioxide levels and pollutants like nitrogen dioxide. They also reduce airborne dust levels and increase humidity, preventing dryness in your skin, throat, nose and lips. Plants make breathing easier and purify your indoor air, boosting your overall health.

Plants That Crave Sunlight

Some plants bloom when they’re in direct sunlight. If you have rooms with large, gorgeous regency windows or a room with patio doors that let lots of light in, they’re the perfect spots to place these sun-loving plants. Have a south-facing room with lots of windows? Even better! Plants that crave sunlight need minimum five hours of sun, but up to 12 hours is ideal.

Most full sun plants are tolerant to arid conditions, making them perfect for potted environments. Take your pick from plants like succulents, cacti, geraniums, the dwarf citrus, and the garden croton. Most of these plants do well with a higher indoor temperature, and remember to keep them out of the way of drafts and extreme weather. If you notice your sun-loving plant isn’t growing, move it closer to the window to enhance the level of sunlight it gets.

Plants That Need Shade

If you have a room in your home that doesn’t have a lot of windows, that’s a good place to place plants that love shade. They thrive in low light conditions and grow well in dry environments. If you have a north-facing room, or a room with no windows, this would be considered a low light room.

Plants like the dieffenbachia, the Chinese evergreen, the peace lily, ivy, the staghorn fern, the ZZ plant and the snake plant can all handle low light with ease. Another option if your room does have windows is to add a sheer curtain to cut down on the light, or move the plants around so they’re not directly in front of the windows.

Plants are a gorgeous way to outfit your home. Just remember to do your research on how to thoroughly care for your plants to ensure they live as long as possible!