What’s the Best Type of Siding for My Shed?

Building a shed and wondering what type of siding to use? Whether you’re using the shed to store your yard and garden tools, creating an outdoor studio space, or building a playroom for your kids, using the right type of siding will ensure your shed looks great and provides the protection it needs. 

The Importance of Using Siding For Your Shed

Siding serves two main purposes, which are both essential for your backyard shed. Its primary function is to protect your shed from rain, snow and ice. It acts as a protective barrier, keeping the structural integrity of your shed strong, as well as protecting its contents. Quality siding also ensures the exterior of your shed will last. When using materials like plywood and OSB, you’ll likely deal with fading, flaking and peeling. 

The second purpose is its aesthetic function. Many homeowners choose to build their shed with the same siding as their home, or at least a siding that compliments their home. This ties your property together, and also ensures your shed isn’t an eye sore. 

When choosing which siding to use for your shed, consider factors such as water resistance, durability, aesthetics, and maintenance. Also keep in mind that some siding options are more affordable than others, so pick an option that fits your budget.

4 Popular Siding Options for Your Shed

1. Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular siding options to use for a backyard shed. It’s available in many different colours and also comes in an array of styles, from board and batten to beaded. Vinyl siding is easy to maintain, requiring minimal upkeep, and offers a durable, weather-resistant barrier for your shed. It’s resistant to insects and won’t rot, dent or fade, so will last for years to come. 

2. Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is another great option to use for your shed. It’s a relatively new material made from sand, cement and cellulose fibers that are available in sheet form and used as exterior cladding. It’s beautiful, durable and highly weather-resistant, plus it won’t rot or rust. One thing to note is that it can be susceptible to impact damage such as from a baseball or large hailstones. It’s offered in a range of colours, and is also available in smooth and woodgrain textures, batten boards and crown moulding. 

3. Steel Siding

Steel siding creates an excellent shield for your shed. It’s one of the strongest materials out there and will protect your shed from harsh rain, severe winds, freezing cold and blistering heat. Steel siding is built weather-tough so it won’t absorb moisture, and also resists warping, chalking, fading and brittleness. It will give your shed an upscale appearance and all you need to do is rinse it off with a hose to restore its good-as-new beauty.

4. Aluminum Siding 

Another option for your backyard shed is aluminum siding. The aluminium siding options offered at Gentek are made to look like real wood, with none of the maintenance. Its durable and strong, formulated to shield your home from outdoor elements. Elegant and strong, if you want the look of wood for your shed, with none of the maintenance, aluminum siding is an excellent option! 

Ready to build an awesome outdoor shed? Any one of these 4 types of siding materials will ensure you have a shed that looks beautiful and offers solid protection.